Mediterranean Hotels

We offer assistance in choosing the tour, taking into account your existing budget. Cost of the tour in a particular direction depends on the resort, the presence of stars in the chosen hotel, food regulations. Tunisia, holiday tours – all this is still not too late see and feel. We will help you to make a trip to Tunisia, holidays, the cost of which you define yourself, can be ordered in our company as the tour in any direction for the country. If you want to right now determine the choice of the tour, then go to "things to do in Tunisia." Tunisia.

Holidays, Hotels Resorts countries have different levels of hotel service. Of course, the hotels of four and five stars can boast of improved service and provide a greater range of services. Tunisia – holiday – hotels – three inter-related concepts, as each hotel strives to provide its guests quality holiday. Those who wish to better holiday in Tunisia – Hammamet, the most popular resort in the Mediterranean coast, offers a high quality service services at affordable prices. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nieman Foundation offers on the topic.. No wonder resort hotels were 5 star: Africana, Magic Life Club AFRICANA, IBEROTEL OCEANA – room, food, staff – all at a high level. Tunisia, Djerba holiday – it is an opportunity to visit the beaches of the island, covered with white sand. Usually, this resort prefer passive recreation enthusiasts who wish to relax and retreat from everyday worldly. By also, a large number of hotels, from five-star HASDRUBAL THALASSA, has won universal acceptance.

Summer Olympic Games

It really is a magical, fascinating spectacle, spectacle. However, try to come back here during the day and even better morning. Fountains at this time do not work, but you will have the opportunity to look at this beautiful, newly awakened city. Climb to the palace, which now houses the National Museum of Catalan Art, look on the sunlit area of Spain, to breathe air filled with scents of pine needles, and feel perfectly happy. At Montjuic can spend the whole day. After all, here are the Olympic Stadium, where the held open the Summer Olympic Games in 1992, Joan Miro Foundation, the Greek Theatre. You can get to the Spanish countryside.

Pueblo Espanol – city-museum under the open sky. Here you can find copies of the most famous and important buildings Spanish architecture from all regions of the country. And if you climb to the top of the hill, you can see the city with a bird's eye view and see the fortress, which is now the Military Museum. Of Barcelona wants to wander for days. Stop only to collapse in some interesting shop, or to drink a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe, or simply sit on the heated stage at one of the areas or on the jetty on Rambla de Mar, directly at the water. And then, suddenly find that you have time to leave this city, and you become sad, because you did not so much! And you will see that it was silly to hope to understand Barcelona, and two weeks for that as little as two days, and that perhaps you would not have sufficed for two months and two years. But the image that you will, which was formed from pieces of impressions, like a colored mosaic Gaudi, will forever remain in your heart.

Most of the individual tour includes a visit to Spain in Barcelona, for example, interesting program, "Northern Spain Parador," "Best in Spain." Such programs – it is an opportunity to get acquainted with no specific city and the country as a whole. For example, the tour "The Best of Spain" in addition to Barcelona, lets look at the Madrid and Toledo, stroll through Seville and Ronda, visit the fabulous Alhambra in Granada near. Each of these sites deserves special attention, in order to hold it as much as possible. But a short walk can give an unforgettable experience and a desire to return to this city again.