Man Lamy, Austrian Artist In The Hunger Strike

Demonstraktion as living sculpture gen accident game spreading in Graz demonstration as a living sculpture in Graz. Man Lamy in the hunger strike in the cage of Augartenparks to Lamy, an artist living in Graz and painter who interferes, uncomfortable also the politics, society and economy questions. In his latest project was to block Lamy as living sculpture with breath and heart in the Augartenpark in Graz in a cage. Hunger strike as an art object, which is aimed against the effects of gambling, such as the position of power in political and economic nature against such companies. To make Lamy not just art, he lives it. Provocative for some, an idealist who bluntly expressing his feelings, to wake up with his art tries for others. His mission against the international spread of the disaster game”took an abrupt end, as nocturnal visitors tried several times randalierten and the cage to subvert, drunken threatened to ignite the frame. At PCRM you will find additional information. And yet, the reactions of the people which you Lamy in the Cage visited, the press and interested parties, visitors to the park were gezollt full of respect a man of bold, and involves research step also inconvenient way to help others. Text: Cornelia Kerber photo: (c) Alfred pany

White Pearl Necklace

Before she took me in the cabin, she gave me the Council to do everything the men I require. Please visit Boy Scouts of America if you seek more information. I trusted my mother. I believed her when she said that I will from now on have much power in the village. The first man with whom I had sex that night, was her brother. It is not uncommon for Devadasis. He stayed with me for a few years.

He took care of me. Today he’s coming less often. My two children are by him. But the horror for me started with the day of my initiation. My friends left me. The women of the village abused me.

There are middlemen who constantly tried to provide me free. Until today the men harass me, when I go on the market.” Basammas hope: through the SNEHA Selbshilfegruppe she has regained confidence. Together with the Andheri partner problems be discussed openly with other temple dancers and normal women of Devadasis. Thanks to SNEHA Basammas children get the chance to school to go without discrimination by teachers and classmates. Basammas Hope is to set up a sales booth at some point with the help of a small loan by the self-help group. Urugonda Mathamma, forty years: As a child I was dedicated to the goddess. My mother had no other choice. “Urugonda comes from a low kast-family, it is a so called Dalit. She has experienced priests and elders in their previous lives only exploitation and oppression by the Hochkastigen. Training could not make it. Already as a little girl, it was consecrated of the goddess Mathamma after she was very ill on measles. Her mother brought her in desperation to the priest who spoke to her, that only the consecration of the child to the temple would bring about healing. Only after the initiation ritual at the age of 14 she learned bitterly, what it meant to be a consecrated life. All the men of the village wanted to sleep with her. As a Mathamma she could not refuse. (Here the superstition comes into play, that all men worship this deity, practically regarded as husbands of the Devadasi are.). Grid lock external character of a Devadasi women and young girls wear characters are considered a red and White Pearl Necklace in older women, that the goddess has taken possession of the woman a band a leather pieces at the end is wrapped the girl around the neck. It is hereby considered married with the deity and therefore no other man can more separation.

Federal Labour Court

Obviously, there is a legal gap in our country. All religions are dictatorships of the spirit (content, dogma), the structure (form and process) and methodology (manner). The Catholic Church is one of the largest dictatorships or an absolutist monarchy Vatican with the Pope at the top, in our world. More info: Children’s Defense Fund. The Catholic Church is located in democratic Germany in a legal space–from the Holy Roman Empire and the ‘ third party rich. > A special comes out of the Church out of disappointment with the abuses and promptly loses his job at the Caritas. Now the Federal Labor Court decided: the dismissal is justified… > source:… Who serves the Federal Labour Court? Of course the law! How such a judgment then gets a worker? By many lawyers previously have construed the law not bowed.

Specialisation is deductive (!) falsifiable mind science. How did the Church to a quasi Basic Law adverse position? Through such arbitrary konsensuale (Majority dictatorship) Non-system processes. The elite has formulated our Constitution. The churches are one of the 7 primary power areas of our society that involved! A. Hitler is due May 1, social welfare, mother and father’s day and the motorway and the social change social structures of equality… > staff in Catholic institutions in the future at a religious disaffiliation with termination face. The withdrawal was a serious violation of loyalty, which could justify the dismissal from the church service, on Thursday decided the Federal Labour Court in Erfurt (2 AZR 579/12) and reconfirmed the legal status of the churches. Thus, a psychology from Mannheim in the last instance with the lawsuit against his sacking was unsuccessful.

The 60-year-old was leaked 2011 due to the numerous cases of abuse in Catholic institutions from the Church. Then he lost his job in a child care centre supported by Caritas. The motives of the applicant were not, order by to require the continued employment of the teacher, the Catholic charity, the second Senate based its decision.


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Judith BeckMeyer

Judith Beck-Meyer was born in 1958 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and now lives on Lake Constance. Judith Beck-Meyer was born in 1958 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and now lives on Lake Constance. In numerous exhibitions, mainly in the District of Bodensee, the artist presents her works for over 10 years. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: the source for more info. Also Ms Beck-Meyer offers various painting courses for adults and children find which very well-attended. But since Judith Beck-Meyer is a versatile artist, her repertoire consists not only of the painting. In addition, she designs postcards and illustrated children’s books.

Judith Beck-Meyer sets to no particular style of painting. Their works have a special charm and high recognition value. The artist himself says: me is important that my work has meaning. Interesting topics to illustrate, stimulate the other and me to dream and to think. It makes me joy, to create representations that help understand something what was incomprehensible, or which make it possible to easy just to escape everyday life and in New to dive. “Me inspires the imagination and hope, to make a delight the viewers with my images, and where possible, maybe even more.” The following authors with her books smell from the creativity of the artist benefit: Nilson dances the Hippotrott by Thomas Jaenecke the adventures of little Finn by Britta Kummer sing and play with Beaver Max, the small city Hamster by Tiziana Gentili Nenning more illustrations and publications of artist, Bodo von Edmund Edler will find at their Web site company information: Britta Kummer is the author. She writes books for children and youth, was born in Hagen, Germany and lives today in Ennepetal. You will find more information

Lepsien Art Foundation

We are pleased that so more talented young artists get the chance of sustainable development. (Similarly see: Childrens Defense Fund). We will systematically develop the work of the Lepsien Art Foundation and strengthen collaborations and partnerships in the core model. The funding year 2010/11 showed already very successful, how big is the encouragement of companies in the area of cultural corporate responsibility. Here lie great potentials for successful projects between international artists and companies. With the leading health insurance in the UAE DAMAN HEALTH INSURANCE, EID ART EDITION with the the Iraq-born this year has been the exclusive DAMAN Artists started Haure Madjid.

These developments we will continue and so creating added value for artists and companies.” According to Christian Lepsien, the high proportion of graduates and master students of the Art Academy in Dusseldorf is clearly a testimony of the close and good local cooperation of in recent years and the ties in Dusseldorf. We congratulate the five artists to the scholarship and look forward to an exciting promotion year 2011/12. We thank all art universities welcome the good and professional assistance, the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf is a special thanks.” Funding scheme 2011/2012 runs until the end of September 2012. Lepsien Art Foundation Dusseldorf – Abu Dhabi information about the Organization: the Lepsien Art Foundation is a dating back to private initiative non-profit organization (NPO), fully committed to the sustainable promotion of art & culture. The Organization was founded in 2005 by the passionate art collector and patron of the Christian Lepsien headquartered in Dusseldorf. The Lepsien Art Foundation is a purely private economic funded promotional organization. The Lepsien Art Foundation is led by Christian Lepsien (Chairman), Cindy Terebova (Deputy CEO / cultural management), as well as a five-member Advisory Board. The Lepsien Art Foundation awards annually 5 grants to international artists /-inside, which are selected by a jury in a public tender procedure. The programme includes Studio spaces, an exhibition per year, limited editions, and a catalogue of the year.