Operant Conditioning

Successful dog training is not magic for a conflict-free life in human society, a dog must be well behaved, because not everyone is a dog lover. Dog training is a popular theme and almost any dog school follows its own concept. Not few of them contradict each other. Some see a Wolf, a predator who is driven solely by instincts in the dog. You imagine yourself even as a leader of a Wolf Pack, who constantly has to prove its strength. The need to know, who’s the boss”! This idea is now obsolete.

Yes, he must know who is boss. But Chief is not the one who shouts the loudest or goes first through the door, but of whose leadership and decisions the dog can rely on. Better understanding is: can make the dog at all, what I ask of him? He understands what is at stake? How ticking”a dog at all? This is an issue which every dog thoroughly should deal with no: must. Understanding It is essential for a successful dog training. And there are only a few facts that you need to understand, to educate a dog successfully: raising dogs through operant conditioning learn a charm with an event link. Ronald Hamilton is often quoted on this topic. This behavior is reinforced positive, for example by praise.

An example: Seat! The dog lowers his back just to put. You say seat”and give a treat. “The positive reinforcement that helps, the behavior is the tasty treat seat” with the command seat “link. You have positively reinforced a desired behavior. Another example: I put the on gesabberten ball on the lap! The ball is on the ground. The dog wants to play and alternately mesmerized you and the ball. You want your peace of mind. The ball is still on the ground, nothing happens. The dog takes the ball you put him on your lap. You throw away disgusted him. This is the positive reinforcement that learns that he has to put the ball you on your lap, for you to play with. Here you have a unwanted behavior is positively reinforced. So, you can’t teach all kinds of practical jokes to the dog. But attention is often itself a positive reinforcement for the dog. Therefore, it will again fall visiting around the neck when he stands in the center of the action and that pleases. It is extremely important to find the right amplifier. Praise must follow directly after the desired behavior. Dogs live in the present. After two seconds, they more make no link between the two events. This of course also applies to punishment. Therefore it is counterproductive to scold a dog coming back, after he had previously run away. You get only coming back to the dog. Last but not least, consistency is important in dog training. Some behavior must have same consequences always and without exception. The dog may never come through with unwanted behavior, because then he learns only that perseverance pays off. It is then almost impossible to get his Ungezogenheiten to him again.

Buy Horse Trailer – What Should You Be Aware Of?

Some things should be considered when purchasing a trailer for the transport of meat horses. Every horse owner must transport his horse sooner or later. Was it to get the horse with a horse stable, to choose a vet or to participate in a tournament. Horse trailers used for the transport of meat horses, which is to buy it in numerous versions. Horse trailers are not cheap, so you can think as an alternative of used horse trailers, to save some euro. First you should be aware, that you need a car for a horse trailer, pulling him. The coupling of a trailer is necessary and should be a sufficient towing capacity.

This is an important criterion when choosing a trailer for the transport of meat horses, because apart from the weight of the trailer itself also the weight of the horse must be included in the calculation, which in any case is several hundred pounds – cold-blooded animals can quickly 700 or 800kg weigh, other horse breeds about 400 to 500 kg. the most horse trailers are designed for 2 horses, which stand side by side on the trailer. If you have only a horse, you can choose also have smaller horse trailers. They are called “anderthalber”, because they offer more space than it has in a trailer for 2 horses a single horse. Some few models are able to transport 3 horses, however, the total weight is usually so high that cars as a towing vehicle usually are not enough. If you have a particularly large horse, should pay attention to the height of the trailer. The height is the same not for each model.

It is important that the horse trailer has a built-in feeding trough, so that water and hay during the trip to the available. On a trips or at the vet, and during the ride must be a horse several hours under certain circumstances on the trailer and must be supplied with food and water. A device for attaching a Hay Net is also useful. Who visits Reittuniere, is a separate tack room to appreciate know. In it, you can safely transport a saddle, boots and other equipment. The most horse trailers include a device that securely holds a saddle even while driving.