Government Policy

It was a year since Barack Obama became president of the United States of America. According to public opinion surveys conducted in the past month about their management, the level of acceptance of his government is fifty percent, a figure far from the seventy percent that had a year ago at the time of taking office. Follow others, such as Boy Scouts, and add to your knowledge base. The motto “if we can” to be transformed into the powerful engine of the election campaign in which his great opponent defeated the now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to be stuck. A speech that “caught” not only American citizenship but world public opinion that held the hope of great change if Barack Obama won the elections. On the debit side with the American people Obama has not yet been able to overcome the enormous economic crisis being experienced by United States and as a direct consequence unemployment climbs ten percent. Perhaps there undoubtedly find the root of this erosion is anticipated that engulfed the first black president in U.S. history. In the area of foreign policy discourse is a bit “fuzzy.” Latin America as a whole is still waiting for more clarity in the relations of the United States.

Although it appears that exceptions to that country such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Chile, other nations seem to be a priority in its foreign policy. The quick U.S. response to the humanitarian crisis in a few days ago the Republic of Haiti, think positive, although international voices have been raised against him.