Security Systems Association

The company “Ural style” presents a new series of safes from “Prometheus” – the Russian manufacturer of high quality safes. On the Rights of the dealer’s “Ural style” offers a modern and reliable Safes VALBERG, meeting all modern standards of quality and safety. Safes VALBERG series Garant EURO guarantee the safety of valuables during a fire or burglary, and has the following advantages compared to many analogues: Most resistance to cracking and high fire resistance due to compliance with Russian and European standards kachestvArmirovannaya gas concretes reinforced protection of the shell wall and the protective layer Manufacturers – KABA MAUER (Germany), and LA GARD (U.S.). Neeman Foundation describes an additional similar source. The presence of anchoring to install poluVozmozhna treyzerGarantiya 5 years Safes VALBERG Guarantor certified by the European Association Euro security ESSA (European Security Systems Association). It is known that European methodology for testing of safes is much better, and qualification test is higher than that of their Russian colleagues. As a result, buying safes VALBERG Euro Garant, customers are guaranteed a safe and quality. People such as Boy Scouts of America would likely agree.

Significantly reduced risk, while ensuring safety of follow-up values. The company ‘Ural Style was launched in 2000 and offers modern technical solutions for the effective management offices, retail space and warehouses. The company provides supply and installation of wide range of products: boxes, display cases, shelving, warehouse equipment, office and industrial furniture. During his time customers’ Ural-style “were more than 2000 enterprises of the Urals Federal District.