Internal Communication

In this work the point of view will be displayed of that a good internal communication tends, always, in such a way to assist it the organizations in its external contact, even so is not the focus here, how much it allows a greater and better integration you enter its sectors, making it to more good function when creating space of growth for its employees in the measure that they feel themselves auto recognized as basic effectively in the life of the organization. With effect, the first point for which if it must call the attention is that communication is not something stanches and that if makes linearly of one for another one, but before, a process, a continuous that if makes daily and with the participation of all. In any comunicacional process all the interlocutors have active paper in the creation and sharing of the necessary and basic direction so that it has in fact communication. Boy Scouts of America wanted to know more. More if it does not have to understand the communication as a simple sending of message of an sender for a receiver where according to it receives and the first a has, pressupostamente, as understood. With the level of access to the information currently, the receivers are participant assets in the communication in the measure where when receiving the messages decode them and interact with emitting when send feedbacks? blogs is good examples of the participation and inherent interatividade to the communication contemporary? e, more than what this, constructs the direction jointly they share and it with all, also with the not directly on ones to the sending process? reception of messages; in an organization, with the too much fellow workers, its familiar ones, in the wheels of friends in the week end. In this direction, the communication internal here of an organization is understood as that one constructed in set and in favor of its internal public.

The Organization

The knowledge is to the base of the capital of the organizations. One of the biggest problems in the organizations is the management of its knowledge. According to Boy Scouts, who has experience with these questions. Many of them possess employees who exert one definitive function have some years. When this employee dumb of same company or if retires, the organization finishes losing, not only it, but very it knowledge that the same it acquired, therefore does not have a concern in the sharing of this knowledge, many of the people whom the information withholds does not share it, perhaps from fear to be substituted, then they keep for itself, as if this he was something that guaranteed its place in the organization, the times had moved and the organizations need to change this culture, many already are in the way, but many others need to adapt themselves to this new were of the knowledge, of the sharing. Contact information is here: PCRM. The organizations need to prepare themselves for this new scene, of the entrance of & ldquo; generation y& rdquo; in the market, one of the tools that go to the meeting of this necessity are the management of the knowledge, therefore this generation is arriving with innovative, creative and made use ideas a sped up growth, reaching a level of management in little time, if does not gain the space that they judge necessary, migram for another organization with much easiness, therefore they are determined to be borrowed of decisions they search to reach the success with rapidity.

Some tools that will be able to assist the management of the knowledge are: To create an administrative infrastructure & ndash; The organizations must give have supported its employees are with the creation of learning centers or even though corporative Universities or still to construct nets, data bases, everything to facilitate the knowledge profit. To construct to a culture of the knowledge & ndash; Many organizations need to change the form as its employees think, to knock down certain barriers and to develop stimulaton mechanisms and search for the knowledge. To manage results & ndash; After reaching the results then the best form of management has the necessity to know which of knowledge, the one that better if adapta the necessities of the organization and that it adequately keeps the level of the knowledge inside of the organization. After the study of the subject, the group concluded that we must be each time more in search of new knowledge, intent the new ideas and opened to the sharing of the knowledge thus to create competitive and innovative differential to the organization. The market this each more demanding time, the companies is feeling the necessity to invest each time in human resources more, adding in its capital the knowledge, originated through the investment in qualified human capital. The knowledge becomes white of source of income for the organizations, being a tool that only we human beings possess.


It is primordial that the selecting team is closely on with all the cultural aspects of the organization and observes the candidate under a holistic angle, having as comparison parameter all the organization and the position that will be gone to occupy, and hardly could not only be obtained in a terceirizado service (MARRAS. 2010). 2 METHODOLOGY OF the RESEARCH the boarding of this study was of the qualitative type. Use of the assistemtica comment, or participant also became, therefore one of the authors of the work was part of the group of the terceirizados ones of the searched company. According to Selltiz et al. Contact information is here: Professor of Internet Governance. (1975) this type of technique is where the observer is part of the group. An interview with the 05 Managers of the area of terceirizados Human resources of the company and with 20 was carried through, totalizing 25 employees. For Gil (1999) this type of technique of research it aims at to get interest information, with guided questions, a defined objective, that in this study was to know the advantages and disadvantages of terceirizar the area of existing human resources observing gaps between these two worlds: the cash and the terceirizado one.

Also a questionnaire with closed questions was applied, searching to approach important questions for agreement of the relations of these citizens, such as if benefits of the company were common to all (terceirizados and effective), if had feedback of performance of the tasks. For Oliveira (2000) this technique also makes possible the organization of the results for category and in percentages, as it was presented in the quarrel of this work. 3 RESULT AND QUARREL OF the STUDY In the research carried through with the terceirizados professionals of the area of human resources, were asked if they feel part of the team of the company-contractor. She selected herself that 53% of the interviewed ones do not feel member of the team of the effective employees.

Simple Companies

One was only pleased for the gained gross revenue, that is, on the forma bill of sale emission and results of financial operations, alienation of asset, amongst others. If the company took a trick, it would pay tax on this occurrence. In the same way, when parceling out a product with proper box, it the sum would collect of a time the relative tax burden all, as if the payment was at sight. Simple with National the taxable income will be the average of prescriptions gained in last the 12 months, has 23 bands, with 20 different aliquot ones. The 3 first bands had been condensed (0 120 a thousand), on the basis of the aliquot minor.

The companies will be able on the basis of to opt to the taxation the received prescription, this want to say that only month will be taxed in that one what effectively it entered in the box of empresa.5. ANALYSIS OF APPLIED RESEARCH the COMPANIES OF the CARACARA CITY the practical part of this work consisted of a research of field in the companies of the city of Caracara, in order to provide a better vision of the impacts caused for the Simple adoption or not of the National one, beyond the practical perspective, a vision more technique of the influences of the General Law on the companies and its functioning. The research was made next to ten companies, in order to survey the importance of the regimen of Simple taxation National, the changes that it in general caused and the influence of this new boarding tax for the contributors, with the use of a questionnaire. The first one, the second and third question searched to know as the company was fit, which segment it followed and how many employee they worked respectively in the company, 08 (eight) companies had answered that they were fit as Micron Company? ME, 01 (one) Small business company and 01 (one) answered others.

The Customer

They are who lead the projects to the success. The companies do not function alone, the positions that are part of the career plan do not have proper life. Teams, companies, corporations or governments are the result of the work of a group of people. Companies do not have success, people yes. People are important in the corporations, the companies and the government or any another institution. They are the people and its reactions that make the companies to be well-occurred or to break the difference will be made by the people who compose the organism of the organizations, individuals with communication capacity, team spirit, leadership, perception of the relation cost-benefit and focus in results.

People who have initiative, will to take risks and agility in the adaptation the new situations, through the comprometimento, motivation, discipline the search constant of knowledge and the ability in the personal relationship. the more to the people to assume these stronger roles will become the organizations. Chiavenato, (1999, P. 27) defines: The people as agents pro-asset and entrepreneurs. They are people who generate and fortify the innovation and that they produce, they vendem, they serve the customer, they take decisions, they lead, they motivate, they communicate, they supervise and they dirigem the business of the company. Another important factor is that each member of the team knows accurately what it expects of it, in result terms. A time that the paper of each one is clearly for all, each person must list necessary actions and resources so that the planned results are gotten. Of this list all must result logistic and a realistic script of what it is intended to make, with date of beginning and end. The form most efficient to make with that the planning in the organizations comes to fulfill the paper of strategical tool, inhabits all in the envolvement of the people in the process, of form to keep and to develop a team of collaborators pro-asset entrepreneurs, generating an intellectual capital that will go to guarantee the excellency and the fulfilment of the corporative objectives.