Spiritual Enhancement

There who gives to me to hang for dimensions beyond the existence human being, not compelling me it to live the improvement continues of the spirit. To be able to witness happy and sublime moments, that in are granted by the love the holy ghost to them. Not to perceive advancing of the time. I want to be able to findar with all the solitude and sadness of this world, loading in my arms the existing force in the love and the charity of the father, to assist with fraternal love the abandoned ones, sofredores and aflitos, that cry out here for aid. Oh GOD as I wanted, to undo me of my corporal limits, to sail indefinitely for the immense sea of stars, home of the Deuses. Kidney Foundation understands that this is vital information. To coexist free angels, as such I would also like to be. I ask for to the Jesus my master, the pardon for in such a way me to afingir this existence, therefore very it donates to me to enxergar the corruption of the humanity. I am here as the engaiolado bird, that yearns for overwhelming the day of its freedom, dreaming day and night of the end of the captivity.

To the happy dusk I travel in spirit, to a happyer world, congregating me it my familiar that of min distant never it wanted. Per the morning return I to my jail flesh time, glimpsing a ftil future, in this material pack. Where it walks to such freedom? when it is stolen to the fetters. When sera the end of this atonement, reason of so great desolation. The end of this misery of everything, all inaquality, the end of the obsession. Unhappyly now only it remains me, to wait with patience, the day of my reverse speed-meeting the Christ, and to mine that already had assigned here. To wait in confidence, my return the perpetual peace. The world spiritual. You he is my shepherd