So Mack

In a fascinating way, take advantage of the effect of these materials and coaxed them to unexpected secrets. In 1957, Mack with Piene founded the artist group ZERO. You see ZERO as a name “for a zone of silence and new opportunities”, as immeasurable zone passes in an old State in a new unknown “. Had the artist of expressionism from the clutches of the prohibitions of Nazi culture hungry time by blowing up the form free, ZERO’s members had to leave this legacy behind it and starting from scratch. in 1961, also Gunther Uecker are group and it includes joint projects such as the radiometer”, parallel the artist but separately pursue their own themes. Long time Mack is working as a sculptor and turns away years of painting.

But only to have them later, after ages, again finding that the color on the search after the true three-dimensionality, the movement and the light, is inherent. “He deals with Goethe’s color theory”, the West Eastern Divan “and in interviews, calls itself the sparkle of the sea as one of his many topics. Him it is about inner structure, grid, and a continuous effect of color that has no focus to energy fields of full vitality, vibrations and passion for frequency, voltage and dynamics, but also to slow down. Because all of this gives the picture its impetus. So Mack captures the vibrancy of color and turns them into his image topic. And despite philosophical theses in his work, based on the Hegelian theories, it is essential that art is experienced and will him. Heinz Mack was a participant of documenta and the Venice Biennale several times, had hundreds of solo exhibitions and is represented in the collections of major museums worldwide. A must-have”every renowned collection. A great honor for our city last but not least is to know him with his works in Wetzlar, because Mack by his birthplace Lollar has a close relation to middle Hesse and is the most important artist with these roots. Michael Marius marks