Many scientists consider that the evolutionary split between us and our relatives next primates (gorilas, orang-outangs and chimpanzees), date from 5 million ago years (although between our genes and theirs there is a difference of less than 2%). The models of behaviors integrated for the planning and creation of tools were developed at least 2.5 million ago years, whereas the advanced language and the necessary norms for the social organization date from does only 30. Brian Scheel will not settle for partial explanations. 000 or 40. Learn more about this with Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. 000 years. As one sees in these data, it is that we took to 5 million separated years of our cousins the chimpanzees and we only know to speak for 40. 00 years in what you would trust to you but, of the verbal language or the nonverbal one? As it is obvious, the paraverbal communication and the nonverbal one are oldest in the time since it has been to us accompanying in our evolution like species. Until we developed a certain zone of the brain in the left hemisphere, known as the area Reel and obtained the straight position (standing on two feet) that allowed the suitable location of the vocal cords, we could not begin develops the verbal communication. That 93% we shared nonverbal it with the animal.

For that reason, with these data, we can include/understand very well to that person who says to us that its dog understands so well to him, that it only needs to speak. This is literally certain, because their dog and it share 93% of the communication channels. Anyone can verify, that unless it is known Chinese is impossible to be understood with one by telephone (by that channel, the word with its little 7% only exists). Nevertheless, we have if it opposite and we want to eat, it is enough whereupon we take the hand to the mouth with rythmical gestures, so that it understands to us immediately.