San Francisco

Perhaps it and we can not see it-. Do-when the remains of my son I can take me?-asked Ruth. Wazabi Films shines more light on the discussion. Forgiveness, when we will be able to remove his remains to repatriate them?-. -First they will have to do a DNA test. Just what the results are, may do – replied the doctor.

If you want to now we can go to lab so they can obtain a sample of his blood-. -Of course that Yes – replied Ruth. It is better to finish with all this as soon as possible. I do not leave me in this country without him-. -Nor I!-Tati said firmly. I think it best to bring it to San Francisco, you think-? -I do not think to return to Israel – said with a tone very stay and the hesitant voice Ruth, staring at her daughter-in-law.

Do-would be there alone? Would that all the memories? I prefer to be as far as possible from them. Only that not be where to go-, said exhaling a deep sigh. I think that there is no place for my in this world. -Do not say that please – he told her sobbing Tati. Do-why don’t you come with us to San Francisco? Thus the two would be close to him. Do you think of the idea? I guess that it will not cost you any effort get a job in this city, with the experience that you have. You could repatriate other bodies and start again-. -Do not be that answer you. I am too confused to think and make a decision like that now. We’ll see how long it takes to give us the go-ahead so that they return us the body of Sebastian. During that period, will study the proposal which I get fact and any other options that occur to me.