No. You may wish to learn more. If so, BSA is the place to go. 4: level of integration and connectivity required in your CRM project. It clearly defines if in your CRM or SFA project development component integration with other enterprise systems is crucial. If your company has a transactional system in which is recorded the information of customers or there are other systems which need to interact CRM software, assess as complex and flexible is this process with each of the options. It typically happens to the extent that this factor of integration with other systems is more critical, under the model On Premise solution is best suited. At Professor of Internet Governance you will find additional information. No.5: Level of customization and adaptation of the business processes of the Empresa.Esta system is a fundamental variable. If your deployment strategy is that your company wants to adapt to the business processes that the software brings implicit, possibly both types of solution are viable. To the extent that the factor of adapting the system to processes that are clearly established and that the company considers to be part of their competitive differences, it will be necessary to adapt the system to these processes.

When referring to ease and flexibility to modify the functions of the software, the model On Premise is surely much more advisable, notwithstanding that in recent years, On Demand solutions have reacted strongly to this fact and are a little more flexible nowadays, but still do not compare to they offer Om Premise solutions in this field. No.6: Reliability and security of data. Under the On Demand model, data resides on servers external to the company. Today there are many security and control mechanisms that allow a high level of reliability with regard to custody and safeguarding of data. However, many companies are highly sensitive to the issue of the security of information and the confidentiality of the same. In the model On Premise, all data resides on servers of the company and therefore the security and confidentiality of the same is much higher, since there is no manipulation or storage of information by third parties.