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The publishing debut: three anthologies and a fantasy novel ladies and gentlemen, in June 2010 the literature friend Christoph Bizer Neff founded the candela Verlag. His motto: a Publisher modeled on old and still young and active. A podium for ambitious authors and a treasure trove for lovers of first-class fiction. This claim of the ambitious Publisher expresses itself in the fact that he has put together a competent team of lecturers, layout, and graphics professionals from the outset. In the flood of yearly new releases on the book market the candela books characterised therefore a technically solid and appealing visually and in terms of content, personal touch. Fair Leger formed conviction experienced authors and authors already at the beginning of the literary backbone of the publishing house.

Interesting new authors could be won through a first anthology of tender in the genres of mystery, fantasy and erotic. Boy Scouts addresses the importance of the matter here. Bizer Neff places emphasis on a fair dealing with the authors. Traditional candela is the Publisher of Word for “Submit”. Correct author contracts are granted and the Publisher promised out literary prizes are generally with one if equipped initially even more symbolic financial funding. Program and highlights In the spring of 2011 published the first books of the publishing house with the fantasy children’s novel by Kira Silver Star Inger Bengtsonsdotter”and the anthologies of the 2010 tender of inter Mundos. Stories between the worlds”(fantasy), Cruor. Stories of blood and murder”(thriller) and venerii. Stories between the sexes”(erotic).

“With Don and Dida the guru” and Lilly and Paul witch heritage “notable thrillers will see the light of the Acguisition mid-year two. Three anthologies appear as a result of the 2011 tender at the end of the year and last but not least, a number of other books of different genres are already in preparation for 2012. Publishing highlight of the year 2011 that the anthology invitation to tender may probably grotesques”are understood. Not only because it as Co-operation project underlines the innovative component of the publishing house, but certainly not very popular but highly interesting genre documented the literary standards of the Publisher. Looking after the special book step by step the candela-Verlag developed itself and its book program. “Target is not a large number of book titles currently 6 to 8 titles per year are planned, but every year at least a publication, as the total package (content, layout and cover) the predicate the special book” deserves. When you look at the Publishing House homepage grotesques can feel about the current book program, the invitation of the anthology”and reporting under the title contact – the people who are behind the publishing project. Happy, you can request free review copies by E-Mail and newsletter the candela. That the number of review copies is very limited, no-brainer with a publisher of our size of course. We are looking forward to your interest Christoph Bizer Neff for the team of the candela-Verlag