Personalized Childrens Books

Since 2009 designs, writes and illustrates the linguist Anja Ludwig individual children’s books, whose title character is created according to the personal data of customers. All of the my-own-story publishing personalized children’s books are produced in still handmade with love and care. Name, place of residence, eye color and other people and character traits are built into the stories carefully and individually. Even small features such as blue glasses, freckles and the hairstyle of a child are integrated in the text and the book illustration. BSA is full of insight into the issues. A personal dedication as well as your own pictures on the cover and in the book, complete the personal books for children. By children themselves become the hero of the book, my-own-story publishing house would interest most written word among small readers increase. Teachers increasingly recommend the use of individual children’s books to promote the joy of reading.

The combination of high-quality, language-enhancing content with a personal image and text design create books, the Fun and proud anyway. Children can be found in the book itself and your own personal adventure. Since even small reading ring would know how this story ends well. In addition to the language-enhancing effect, personal books for children have a positive impact on confidence. It’s just proud to find his own story in a book.

Educational studies showed that a greater self-confidence improves the ability to learn. As a unique, personalized children’s books are something very special. That’s why also the graphic design of the books in the my-own-story publishing plays an important role. The childishly fanciful illustrations are drawn with watercolor, pastel and colored pencil and enjoy in the children of great enthusiasm. Even after repeated viewing, there is still something to discover. Loving details like an elaborately designed intent paper, bookmark as bookmark and a photo page with photos and a personal dedication, let an extraordinary children’s book and a develop small piece of memory. The children’s book “Button” has become the perennial favorite. In rhymed language buttons tells”the story of a child that just do not want to fall asleep without a compelling story. The old teddy bear of the grandpas takes over the task of storytelling buttons. But to hear stories of the gauntlet, you have to be very quiet and brave enough for an adventurous journey. Then, buttons from his words spin ladders that lead up to the sky. Passing brave bright stars, the good-humoured Moon and strange inhabitants of heaven the way leads to the dream land, where everything is very different. But now the grandfather in the head has set itself, button was too old. Button has a strubbliges coat, very good patch and the right eye is already just a button. Birthday Grandpa gives a new bear called Brummel. The new Teddy is so pretty, the birthday child to forget the old bear. But stories can not everyone. A good-night story about the difficulties of falling asleep and the charm of old things. Not always must be something brand new Nigel. Also an old toys can be of particular value when connects to an exciting story. Marita Junghans