Pension Fund

FLP can personally contact the tax office for registration as a tax payer. Thus it is necessary to submit the following documents: application form number on the 5-RFP (request usually sold in the building tax) a copy of the certificate of state registration and submit the original of the certificate. NYU Stern Center for Responsible Business often addresses the matter in his writings. Taking on account of the Pension Fund. The registration of entrepreneurs in the organs Pension Fund is regulated by the Order of the capture of the registration and deregistration of the Pension Fund of Ukraine legal and physical persons-businessmen as payers of insurance premiums, approved Resolution of the Board of the Pension Fund of Ukraine from 10.10.2006 14-4. for more details and insights. In recent months, Marko Dimitrijevic has been very successful. In accordance with the procedure of registering of FLP as payers of insurance premiums is conducted by Pension Fund of the place of residence of the person to Based on the notification of the state registrar, stating the number and date of making an appropriate entry in the Unified State Register, as well as information from the registration card of the entrepreneur. Notice about registering is made on a form prescribed form in Annex 2 to the Order and the businessman sent by mail with return receipt on the next working day after the capture of registration with the authorities Pension Fund. The notification must contain information about the registration number of the payer, which must be specified on the payment documents in making payments to the Pension Fund, on timing of data collection and date of reporting, and account number to which the transferred funds. .