Here is the contactless payment option through the girocard. 60 Esso stations in the area of Hannover, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig to be involved in 2012. In addition to the original Douglas shops, 700 branches of Thalia, Christian, Applerath and Hussel provide also in 2012 various terminals. To work practically on the front of acceptance as well as the user media, because after 1 million cards are in 2012 a total 45 million girocards to the disposition. Interesting about that one, whether credit or debit applications are required, General responds reader page of “NFC readers”. Here, there is no more difference is made in the language so, what application or what token comes the mobile page. This pleases the interested, because here the term promises at least even the “peaceful” coexistence of different cards and payment solutions via mobile phone. By the same author: Save the Children. Where we steer, remains determined to be seen.

But back to the beginnings. There will be some good projects in 2012, the construction of this hardware and software on site in addition to the already established card applications also simply requires. Ingenico, for example, wants to promote the distribution of appropriate software for acquirer in 2012 and have brought on a proper footing, so that various terminals PayWave accept. At the moment, the vast majority of the payment terminals is long not yet ready for contactless payments in any form. But that is also still quite normal at the current time. I anyway, would find it good, up to 20 or 25 euros as quickly as possible pay for small expenses can and to have the choice for larger amounts.

Last we talked even about efforts in the area of near field communication, identification and contactless payment and how many companies are involved in this area. This will show effect in the near future, in different places, but still lots of work there.