Civil Code

Article 10 of the Civil Code, as is known, along with the chicane contains a reference to abuse of right 'in other ways. Details can be found by clicking PCRM or emailing the administrator. " Hence the number of important issues. Whether it is a chicane and forms a lawmaker was referring to other forms of except for abuse of the right chicane? Whether there exists at all other forms, except chicane? Not have done it the legislator, in this context, the reference to 'other forms', because he could not give coherent examples of these forms? Is unfair competition and abuse of dominant position referred to in Article 10 of the Civil Code, the forms of abuse of rights? Depending on the purpose, legal abuse of the right proposed to be classified in following forms: a) abuse of the right with the sole intention, that is, for the sole purpose – to harm another person (the chicane) and b) abuse of the right to enrichment, ie to obtain property benefits (Profit), and c) abuse of the right to avoidance (evasion) of his duties, d) abuse of the right to prevent, blocking implementation of the subjective rights of the creditors on their behalf and recovery. Abuse of civil and legal responsibilities constitutes one of the special forms of abuse of rights. Perform their duties at the heart of someone else's rights (claims).

Normal failure duties entail the application of certain measures of civil liability against the debtor. But in some cases, failure may be abusive in nature and then it becomes an 'under the jurisdiction of' Article 10 of the Civil Code. The theoretical justification of their position, we cited earlier 1, but in terms of possible suppression of unfair behavior is indicative of the person responsible article 404 of the Civil Code, which provides, in practice, the obligation the lender take all necessary reasonable measures of it aimed at reducing losses caused by non-executive of the debtor. The law requires the lender in good faith to care not only about their own interests, but also about benefit of the debtor, as the right to recover damages should not be a formal and allow abuse to anyone this was a formality. Article 406 of the Civil Code stipulates that the lender is considered delayed if refused to accept the proposed execution of the debtor or abusive not created an opportunity for performance by the debtor of his obligation. 'Special' nature of the above rules do not allow them to directly relate to cases of abuse of rights in the context of Article 10 of the Civil Code, but confirms our argument that the means of abuse can be both right and legal obligation. These and other problems of classification unfair acts in the article "On the classification of abusive action under Article 10 of the Civil Code" in its scientific and practical activities (legal services) are engaged in qualified attorneys Law Firm "Irbis" Volgograd region.


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Madrid Foundation

Representation from all facets of the sport of golf professionals for both as amateur golf in Madrid, from 25 to 27 November 2011 IFEMA see. archaeological and collections of drawings from the 5th century BC to the 20th century. General entrance 8 euros, 3.50 groups euros and advance 7 euros, also can be visited on Monday. GUIDED visits: Madrid essential I, the visit aims to know the Villa de Madrid, bringing the visitor to the most emblematic and essential places. It starts in the main square, Center of social and commercial history over the centuries, you will discover the pride of being the Capital of the Spanish kingdoms, Madrid Foundation, its medieval avatars and changes that resulted in the arrival of the new dynasty.

Plaza Mayor 27 (plaza mayor tourism Center), rate 3.90 from Monday to Saturday at 12 noon hours, Sundays at 10.00 hours. EXHIBITIONS: Juan Gatti, backlight, Hall Canal de Isabel II, 40 black and white photographs show the route of this graphic designer. Museum of the Prado, the Hermitage in the Prado, an exhibition from the Hermitage Museum consisting of 170 works that comprise a diverse showcase of chronological and artistic breadth of this. Works include objects of decorative arts, paintings, sculptures, pieces, etc. I hope that you seem so interesting these places like me and don’t forget (when the body need energy to move forward), try the splendid gastronomy that offers Madrid in its various bars, restaurants, taverns, inns, etc., in the evening enjoy a good musical or concert, then can relax with a drink by the center of Madrid, anywhere in the zone is good, and if we are lucky or perspicacity of booking a hotel in Madrid Centre much better; It only remains for me to wish you if you SMS this interesting destination enjoy it.


Packaging corresponds to a method that is used to keep foods in good condition. The packaging consists of heating food to a temperature where their possible microorganisms are destroyed to proceed with seal, canning or bagging the respective product. He is said that the only safe method to package the majority of food under conditions of pressure and temperatures that will reach 116 to 121 degrees Celsius. The foods that are considered they must be packaged under pressure, correspond to the majority of vegetables, seafood, meats, dairy products and agricultural products. On the other hand, foods that considers that they can be packed in a boiling water bath, include those acid products that have one pH of less than 1.6, such as certain fruits, pickled vegetables, the foods to which has been added to acid during its production. When the French revolution began, the French newspaper Le Monde, offered a prize of 12 000 francs, to that inventor who devise a cheap technique and effective keep large amounts of food in excellent condition. By then, the great armies of the time, required supplies of quality food, so food preservation was priority. It was therefore Nicollas Appert in the year of 1810, which developed the system for sealing food in glass jars, hence the emergence of the packaging..

Hiltrud Baier ISBN

An easy-to-read, fun children’s book, for children from 8 wants to go during the summer holidays to the nine year old Greta her mom, who lives in Sweden. But she’s afraid of flying. After a turbulent journey, Greta finally arrives in Mama’s small town and experienced with her, their friend Mike and holidays with the two Huskies exciting Kolja and Smilla. Smilla disappears, attacking a WSP swarm, Greta can go with four Huskies in dog sledding and even her best friend Sara comes to visit, nothing can go wrong – or…? A book about a tuffes girl, coming to a foreign country about naughty Huskies, who do what they want about a MOM who lives in a strange country where people eat smelly fish and Flummibrotchen; about a curious girlfriend, some on the head is target group: from 6 years to the read 8 years Greta in Sweden to read “by Hiltrud Baier ISBN: 978-3-8391-2523-6, 112 pages of books on demand, 2009 price: 9.90 euro Hiltrud Baier”.


As many users of Spacelocker are already aware, Spacelocker uses Facebook connect as many users of Spacelocker are already aware, Spacelocker uses Facebook connect. For those who have not tried it, or for new users to Spacelocker, here is what Facebook connect on Spacelocker is all about. Facebook connect makes it easy for you to take your Facebook identity with you to Spacelocker and access and share photos you have stored on Facebook. There is no uploading or pasting necessary for these stored photos. Just use your Facebook login Facebook connect on the prompt that is provided by Spacelocker.

You will instantly be able to access and share all your Facebook photos right inside your locker without leaving. Here is a step by step explanation of how Facebook connect works on Spacelocker. You have the opportunity to use Facebook connect either during the sign up process to Spacelocker or after you are a member and are inside your locker. Just click on the “Add Network” icon during sign up or on your loose page once you are a Spacelocker member. A drop down menu will appear with a list of networks.

Click on Facebook. You will see the following prompt: click “OK” on the prompt. Then the following Facebook connect login prompt will appear. Enter your Facebook email account and password. Spacelocker does save your Facebook login data. Once you have successfully logged into Facebook connect, a Facebook feed wants to page in two places appear on your locker. Under “current networks” on the loose page you want to see the Facebook icon. Click on this icon and a window will open showing a network feed from Facebook. This window it will show thumbnails of the photos you have stored on Facebook, as well as thumbnails of your Facebook friends. Click on any of the photos in this window. You will be asked by Facebook to Facebook account log into your. You can then see your photos and friends on Facebook right from inside your locker. One cool thing about this is when you click on a thumbnail photo of a Facebook friend in this Spacelocker window, page on Facebook to your friend’s profiles open. You can then post a message on their Facebook wall. All this without leaving your locker. Under “Recent network activities” in the loose page, the last photo you posted in Facebook will be visible on your locker wall. It’s a funky way to share photos you have on Facebook right in your locker at Get connected.

By Due To Silent Night

Busy at the Detektei Lentz group of contemplation, love and harmony. Christmas will be more and more to the Festival of jealousy, mulled wine Geknutsche, colleague sex and broken heart. An unmistakable indication: The detectives of the Detektei Lentz group currently have high season. Especially with observations of company Christmas party, corporate excursions, for example on the famous Nuremberg Christmas market and Christmas market visits of the partners with colleagues. More and more clients register men and women alike – with the request: I would like to know everything, what my partner on and after Christmas party makes. Hear other arguments on the topic with Cancer Research Institute. “, so the two managing directors Marcus Lentz and Christina Egerer, Detektei Lentz group.” The four weeks before the celebration of love”are fully booked so mostly from end of November.

And so goes the Christmas observation – determine the detectives at short range, as a guest in a local, with Visual contact to the party room for more intimate celebrations, to be careful who is it by the back door sneaks and observe through brightly-lit window from the neighbouring house the scaffolding of. For larger celebrations, cheat himself incognito on the Festival our detectives and attach themselves to the heels of her target. If necessary up to the infamous broom closet”, so Christina Egerer. “Following finding is interesting: depending on the area is Catholic and urban, our services are more in demand”, emphasizes Nadine Gunther, even tested detective (ZAD) and since 2007 in the detective agency Lentz services. Especially people between 30 and 50 engage therefore detectives but even 70 years. Of the shift worker up to the wife of the Manager.

Most want primarily”only certainty. Already, but some will need evidence for divorce. The average taste the clients of the Detektei Lentz the observation of her partner of 2,500 to 3,000. Money that is usually well spent, to live with the uncertainty is worse in the long term, and in the case of separation, the detective activity reports are considered evidence for the Cheating partner and may have so frequently positive consequences for the dupes in assessing maintenance “, as Mr. Dr. Jurgen Kaufmann, one of the legal advisers of the Detektei Lentz group.” Rarely, detectives are tasked in hindsight. So after a ceremony fling potential. This is likewise useful because it is usually one-night-stands, is silent about the afterwards by all involved”, so Kay Luthardt, also certified detective (ZAD). When the party is over, no one talks more about it. Also in the new year, demand to always group in the last three years in a row at the Detektei Lentz. First you spend much time at Christmas together because any change in behavior is easier. Secondly, in particular spouses be suspicious when her lover suddenly puts an exceptionally expensive and unusual gift under the Christmas tree, or striking SMS sent to the holidays. Applies also here: demand is high. More information about the (toll free) Fax: (0800) 88 333 12 (toll free) website: unterhaltsbetrug.lentz detektei.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

PRUDENCE Wissenschaftspreis 2014: applications until March 31, 2014, the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said: it is the fate of genius to remain understood. The prudence Wissenschaftspreis vehemently denies this thesis. “It is the duty of the genius the society to meet. Scientific ideas must be accessible to everyone and may lead not only to dogmatic trade debates. Who does this, the care Foundation rewarded like welcome to the prudence Science Prize. Posts in the categories of science and journalism with a total of 15 000 euros will be awarded. Deadline for applications is the 31 March 2014.

The care Foundation gives the Science Prize for the fifth time in the areas of environment, safety in the engineering and energy. The price is written in the categories of science and journalism and endowed with a total of 15 000 euros: 10 000 euro for the prize-winner of the category science and twice 2500 euro in the category of journalism. Category science a special focus when assessing the scientific level and the sustainable benefit of actions for environment and society. Special emphasis is placed on the degree of innovation, proximity to markets and application, as well as on a good clear and convincing presentation. In addition to dissertations, reports, studies, but also white paper are welcomed. Category journalism In the journalistic field, the medial form is open. Print, online, audio, video: Anything goes. Clear and understandable playing of a socially and scientifically relevant topic, as well as the independence of the opinions are important criteria.

Published individual and joint work will be assessed. Pure concepts, as well as photographic works can not be judged. Online form for ease of work, dealing with the topics environment, safety in the engineering or energy are allowed. The work should not older than two years and can on German and English must be submitted. To the Application documents include: the research or publication, a summary of the work (maximum three DIN A4 pages), a one-sided letter of motivation with the title that’s why I am research, application form, a resume and a consent form. An online form available is for a clear data transmission. Deadline for applications is 31 March 2014th (Bianca Schacht)

Salesmore Sales Per Exhibition

More value on measurement which has set itself a new marketing initiative as a target. More sales per show; more leads per square meter. These provocative demands the marketing initiative boost your sales “postulated, to maximize sustainable trade fair appearances. That rest on solid foundations, these statements, proves a views of the participants: Guest-one experts for subscriber management and guest organization bring the know-how for the systematic acquisition and exploitation of leads in the partnership. step one is the triad of the solution provider for holistic Enterprise presentations at trade fairs and events. The communication experts of in’ concept to develop unusual ideas for sales communication and realize the targeted implementation. Waste of money targeting the three take company symbolically put the finger in the wound of slightly more efficient trade fair appearances and have done the math: an average 11 percent of annual company turnover percolate through misunderstandings and friction losses between marketing and sales. The result is not only wasted money, but also many missed opportunities.

However, the courage makes the abundant potential, when the resources are meaningfully connected. So, the primary task of boost is your sales”also, to increase the value added of the trade fairs. To achieve this, apply the initiators at the interface between marketing and sales. With clear objectives and a portion of courage sufficient often to promote fair opportunities to light and to initiate successes. “Ignition rather than procrastinating In the sense of the company’s success in increasingly narrowing markets it’s not accept different objectives of marketing and sales”, Oliver Maitre reports. Therefore understands the boost your sales initiative”every exhibition as a sales offensive in both the marketing and the sales must pursue same goals. The initiators have summed up how to realize is in the individual, in a manifest. The plan comprehensive eight key points is the “Away, boost your sales” to put into action.

Physical Education Teams

ORGANIZATION, ESTRUTURAO AND FORMATION OF TEAMS OF FUTSAL IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL. ROMERO, Cleine Mara Barbosa MIOTTI, Ivana Lamberti Maria SUMMARY This project is being carried through in the School of Average Education Prof Naura Teixeira Pine, located in the Quarter Is Jose in the city of Saint Maria? RS. It was created with the purpose to provide the organization, estruturao and the formation of teams of Futsal, for being this the practised precursory sport and more in the school. Also objective to identify talentos and to prepare the pupils to participate of the pertaining to school competitions as the OESM? Pertaining to school Olimpada of Saint Maria and the JERGS? Pertaining to school games of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul. Initially the participants from the groups of Physical Education of the Project of existing Porting Initiation already in the School had been selected.

The teams had been formed in accordance with the categories mirim, infantile and youthful in naipe masculine and youthful in naipe feminine. For the accomplishment of the activities a program was elaborated of training two times in the week, with duration 1h30min. each session. The developed activities had focused the training of beddings technician and tacticians, as well as the physical preparation and regulation. In elapsing of the training they had been carried through friendly it are of the school and matches intersries. As result of the carried through work can be evidenced the good performance and income presented for the teams in the competitions where they had participated, as well as the improvement of the qualities techniques and physics of the participants. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Futsal, Competitions, Team. 1ACADMICO () OF the COURSE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION OF the FAMES. 2ORIENTADORA PROF MS. OF the COURSE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION OF the FAMES.