After the first crusade, which culminated with the conquest of Jerusalem in the year 1099, they would constitute principalities latinos in the area, as they were the counties of Edessa and Tripoli, the Principality of Antioch and Kingdom of Jerusalem, where Balduino was going to rule as King. According to the Chronicles, in the year 1118, Balduino II, King of Jerusalem, would welcome in a group of nine French knights, commanded by the nobleman Hugo de Payens (Payns), who would provide the sovereign to protect pilgrims who acudiesen to the Holy land. Among the components of the group, was which was so generous with Bernardo de Claraval, to donate the lands of Clairvaux to lift his own monastery; We refer, of course, to the Hugo I count de Champana. He was also accompanied by Bernardo, Andre de Montbard, uncle who would later play an important role in the order, he became Grand Master of the same in the year 1153, coinciding with the year of the death of Bernardo de Claraval. It was on that date the 1118 When would be the foundation of the Templar order and that, initially, it was known as the order of the poor Knights of Christ (Western Objevtive Christi), although they would later be commonly known as the Knights Templar or Knights of the Templo of Solomon (Milites Templi Salomonis), once they were installed on the premises of the ancient temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and whose motto would be: Non nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam (not to us, Lord, not to us, but in your name give us glory). The denomination most current and widespread of the Knights Templar occurs through translation from latin into French. The identity of the nine French Knights of the order of the Temple’s founding was the following: the identity of the knights who made up the expedition, however, would lead to speculate with other reasons other than the manifested by Hugo de Payens, since it was too casual that some of the components, were relatives or close friends of Bernardo de Claraval, as indicated above.

Proposal Development

PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT AND FOUNDATIONS FOR THE GROWTH OF DEMOCRACIES IN LATIN AMERICA. (On the basis of a sociological evaluates-tion of American democracies) Democracy develops five basic ideas that I want to develop as a proposal: 1 – the value and dignity of each individual in the community. 2. The use of intelligence and reason. 3.

The development of the principle of cooperation. 4-Faith in a natural and moral law. 5 Faith in achievements towards the future… 1. The value of each individual.

The first of the ideals of democracy is the dignidad and value of each ciu-citizen. The Government of the people by the people, can not survive without having peoples education and individual responsibility. True democracy must be dedicated to education. Other forms of gobierno make education a tool that puts individuals in the service of the Government, but democracy educates to participation in the Government. But which should be the object of education? A quote from Samuel Johnson says: integrity without knowledge is weak and useless. Knowledge without integrity is dangerous-groso and fearsome. Many times when it is analyzed the education purpose, as an end in itself, we must ask ourselves what is the purpose of education, reason introspectively towards where it must take us. To increase-tar is certainly the conocimiento and the ability of you people, in addition to the competence and understanding, but a good education should widen the good character and integri – dad. Anything without strength of character is dangerous, even education. The ins-evidence or education does not override morality, and to educate and guide the youth moral, ethical and spiritual elements must be added there is AC-rac ter strength and proper balance in their lives. The true purpose of education in a democracy should be: make full man in terms of competition, as well as awareness, because if the power of competition without the corresponding orientation is created to govern the use of that power, the education will be perverting.

International Foundation

Spiritual intelligence is the voice of conscience that calls for its own awakening. Read more from hedge fund regulation to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Only spiritual intelligence can ensure survival and well-being before the serious problems of destruction of our planet and the violence and intolerance in the local and global relationships. When we are free from violence, the corruptions, etc, then there is spiritual intelligence, and this is what we need before that nothing in the 21st century. Spiritual intelligence is the access and use of the direction, vision and values to think and make responsible decisions, is the ability to have in balance the material purposes and the emotional, intellectual and spiritual development in such a way that we can be happy despite the circumstances and not because of them. Ramon Gallegos tells us that although spiritual intelligence is innate can be developed, we can educate and evaluate qualitatively. This is where comes the great work of education holistic, more associated with wisdom, with a meaningful and happy life and is about being. BIBLIOGRAPHY.

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Universal Ramon

The beginning of the process of evolution of consciousness is marked with learning to be, learning exercises and readings I have transported towards a trip to my interior allowing arising out my values favouring the development of a greater intelligence to travel the triple trail of spirituality (wisdom, love and compassion), achieving certain levels of significance in this holographic structure of my Kosmos. Gives this certainty I direct experience that has given me to perform better in my teaching responsibilities, living together with my students treating them as human beings different, varying forms of evaluation through diversification of teaching techniques and respecting their styles of learning. The improvement in my interpersonal relationships, has given fruit because I’ve put too much emphasis on the development of my capacity for dialogue, I have learned to listen, be more even-handed, patient and tolerant; I still long way to go, but it has been a good start, I have begun the experience with myself for knowing my true nature, touching the subjective part of education all of my personal and community level. This series of books have been based bibliographic that give sustenance to the graduate that I am studying with a group of professors in the institution where I work, they have allowed me to be part of a learning community in development, have been transcendent series of experiences we have lived together, some successful, others not so, each one of them have learned to reinforce our values as members of a communityfinding meaning to my duties; We have learned from the mistakes by increasing our spirituality recognizing our universal nature achieve happiness, above all, to have the certainty that only depends on ourselves, since it comes from our heart. The purpose of education holistic transform and transcend the personal conscience and the group is serving to generate planetary citizens who comprise holistic of 21st century sustainable society, which has as its foundation of developing lifelong learning for life and lifelong commitment to permeate into other beings of our environment, educating them with the flame of universal love and compassionate action, so they can obtain the certainty that our universe this interrelated and interdependent. Bibliography (2001) Ramon Gallegos Nava education holistic, International Foundation for holistic education, 1st. Edition, Guadalajara.

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International Foundation

Since 1993 Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava works incessantly in broadcast to the world the need to do a total rethinking of education, looking for that this is directed not only to the mind, but also to the heart. His spiritual search was crowned and confirmed their beliefs, one night in 1993, to have a direct experience of what both had sought, he lived, what he calls the manifestation of God, finding God in everything and everyone, inside and outside of himself, an experience that filled her void and made it clear to him that man does not see its own essence, and that although it encounters with God all the time, is not recognized. Hence, confirmed what I thought, there is no duality in the essence of the man, that God is the true identity of each human being, and that everyone can wake up to endorse this eternal and immutable truth. This is how you can understand some questions transcendent to us all do, as what is essence of man and where it’s heading? Why suffering?, why we are in the situation critical current? What we have to change as humanity to survive or what path to follow? they are answered in his work, with simplicity, great intellectual rigour and deep love for humanity.

He currently lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco with his beloved wife Vicky and their three children. He directs diplomas, master’s degrees and doctorates in holistic education. He is Director of the International Foundation for holistic education and organizer and seminars and forums international., but above all is excellent teacher and a good human being. Reflecting and explaining the current global situation, which passes through humanity, poses that West in the last 400 years witnessed three large dominant paradigms and two changes of time. 400 Years ago dominated a dogmatic vision of the universe where the Catholic Church was which defined and disseminated by interpretations of the world, (from the Middle Ages until the 17TH century approximately).

Miguel Sebastian

Monday June 14 at 13: 30 h. in the lounge of acts of the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade, Miguel Mirones delivered flags Q quality tourism that accredit 152 beaches of the Spanish coasts. For the third consecutive year it will be the Minister of industry who accompany the delivery of flags Q to Spanish beaches certified by the Institute for Spanish tourism quality. The increase by 28% of certifications in this prominent tourism sector, compared to the previous year, contributes to the firm commitment that the public authorities, mainly municipalities, is being done by providing all services of bathroom facilities: security, hygiene and complementary services for their subsequent certification by ICTE chaired by Michael Mirones. The standard Q tourist quality for beaches offers a quality system aimed at the tourist enjoy the beaches with respect to environmental values and the sustainability of ecosystems. It differs from the other recognitions, which only focus on aspects related to the sea water or sandy areas. This Norma de Calidad is implemented in 9 autonomous communities: Andalusia, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Cataluna, Galicia, Melilla and Murcia, Andalusia, with 53 beaches with the Q flag community with more certifications in this sector. Follow Valencia with 39, Catalonia and Murcia with 21 with 17. This event will be presided over by the Minister of industry, tourism and trade, Miguel Sebastian; the Secretary of State for tourism, Joan Mesquida, and the President of ICTE, Mirones Miguel.

Saturday People

A strong national police device has attempted to evict first thing in the morning to the outraged that since last weekend have been encamped in the stroll of the Prado in Madrid. Although in principle the operation, which started at seven-thirty in the morning, has been developed without incident, then it has degenerated in police charges. 11 people, four policemen and seven outraged, have come to the unity of the Samur in the paseo del Prado. All have suffered minor bruises. Members of the 15-M movement have not left the place, but they have focused on two groups of about 170 people in the vicinity of the Congress of Deputies and the Prado. The outraged planned today deliver members a document which lists the problems that have been transmitted to them in villages throughout Spain during the popular March of more than one month culminated last Saturday in the capital and that he has crossed the peninsula. And have done so not by force, but using a trick. Source of the news:: the 15-M movement delivered its proposals in the camera

Blue Lagoon

One of the best days of your life deserves a unique and special event. A friend recommended me a company with original ways to deliver the engagement ring.My question was how and where it could deliver the engagement ring and I found myself with a team of profresionales that helps you to create an unforgettable ring delivery. Among other services caught my attention as follows:-in the light of the moon a SAX receives them and guide through the magical corridors. Under the arches, the table elegantly mounted, making them feel in medieval times; personally attended by an executive chef. a location with history, magic and beautiful that night will be just for you. -Delivery of rings in the Blue Lagoon the afternoon just starts, second cup the sound of a helicopter it distracts it, this landed only a few meters. When opened the cab Captain invites you to upload.

This takes off with you. The trip to an exotic location begins. The surprises continue. -Delivery of rings from a traditional meal heaven in the field, set with romantic live music. At the end of the meal, the sound of a helicopter interrupted. A helicopter ride.

spectacular views of the most romantic places in Mexico. -Delivery of rings in a large garden adorned with candles and torches, exclusive crescendo for its moment in the background a campfire. Against the light a saxophonist.They go to the table, where a classical guitarist plays for himself. The executive chef is presented, the will personally assist them throughout the evening. Introducing the dishes a SAX, accompanied by a classical guitar and a tenor. Trees centenarians are seen in the background. -Delivery of bird rings sojourneth among Buffalo, llamas, ostriches and other extraordinary animals, enjoy a romantic picnic, which will be decorated by musicians who interpret the themes to your liking. To your signal, a bird will fly towards you, it takes engagement ring, everything is ready for you to make the most important proposal of your life. -Delivery of rings between the clouds rises to a hot air balloon, hundreds of balloons will loosen while taking off, a unique breakfast, the sound of a sax, a guitar after the liberation of a butterfly, which carried his desire to the sky to enforce all this will be a time you will never forget. -Delivery of rings staged is mounted as a public restaurant. The perception is that of a public restaurant, including Diners (all are actors/musicians). The idea is that your partner does not perceive that it reaches a place where you deliver the engagement ring, but perceived a good restaurant for a normal dinner, nice and romantic, and achieve a great impact at the moment of the delivery of the ring.

Chile Studies

An extensive menu which expressly request the rejection of the studies of environmental impact of dams for Hidroaysen and southern energy today in assessment, delivered last Monday leaders of the organizations comprising the Coalition citizen lifetime Aysen Reserva de members of the Regional Commission of the environment of Aysen (Corema) during one of their regular sessions. The bottom of the letter, which is also addressed to the community in general, argues that such is the volume of irregularities and questions that have made both bodies with environmental competence and citizens we make an urgent appeal to our President and regional authorities members of the Corema that, at the height of the high responsibility of State which have and which will be supported by the communitytake the only decision which corresponds to take on this occasion, which is to reject the study on justice and legitimacy in freedom. The letter, which begins by pointing out there is outrage in the Region of Aysen and Chile, founded the request in the light of the widespread rejection to this kind of initiatives of 55% at the national level in spite of the large number of complaints that have left an enormous number of irregularities in its development and processing in evidence. Later lists a series of irregularities associated both to HidroAysen as southern energy, such as allegations made by unauthorized work on fiscal grounds, not income of EIA studies affecting the San Rafael Lagoon National Park and disparity of criteria between the treatment given to HidroAysen, to the lease you the State fiscal ground to a ridiculous value ($ 420 per hectare(, in a cloth of 1,852 hectares) for their studies on the Pascua River, in contrast with which is given daily to our inhabitants that they live (and die) performing similar procedures, among other situations. Adds a series of anomalous events such as the Superintendence of health services found that the Soletanche Bachy contractor poured lead, for months to Baker River arsenic, aluminum, iron, fecal coliforms above the norm unless it received minor punishment.

The Movement

In order to deepen the idea of ' ' invocation of vontades' ' , Simeone enters in the beginning of ' ' co-responsabilidade' ' , that it is the enrollment of the citizen in the cause, from the perception of that its contribution with the movement is basic for the success of the project. Being thus, the responsible professionals for the communication must attempt against it a planning of stimulation of the public so that these ' ' abracem' ' the cause and if feels important in the movement. The author describes some functions that must integrate the communication process. They are: ) To spread out Information: she treats yourself, basically, of the segmented, directed spreading and of mass, the project for which if fight; b) To promote Coletivizao: it complements the spreading, a time that the necessary citizen to know of the project, but not only to have certainty of that the fight for the cause valley the penalty and that it is not fighting alone; c) To register the memory of the movement: to conserve and to keep easy access to ' ' antecedentes' ' of the movement, photos, data bases, quantities. Registers are important to stimulate next initiatives.

d) To supply elements of identification with the cause and the mobilizador project: to identify and to articulate values that make with that each individual if relates with the identity of the movement. They are symbols (material graph, rituals and events) that they will have to translate the cause and its values. The cited elements above are complementary to the planning of communication and must be part of the strategical planning of the movement. The professional communicator cannot neglect none of them and will have to use them so that the public if involves truily with the fight for the cause. In one second part, still of the first chapter, the author describes the characteristics of the communication in the mobilization process.