The Movement

In order to deepen the idea of ' ' invocation of vontades' ' , Simeone enters in the beginning of ' ' co-responsabilidade' ' , that it is the enrollment of the citizen in the cause, from the perception of that its contribution with the movement is basic for the success of the project. Being thus, the responsible professionals for the communication must attempt against it a planning of stimulation of the public so that these ' ' abracem' ' the cause and if feels important in the movement. The author describes some functions that must integrate the communication process. They are: ) To spread out Information: she treats yourself, basically, of the segmented, directed spreading and of mass, the project for which if fight; b) To promote Coletivizao: it complements the spreading, a time that the necessary citizen to know of the project, but not only to have certainty of that the fight for the cause valley the penalty and that it is not fighting alone; c) To register the memory of the movement: to conserve and to keep easy access to ' ' antecedentes' ' of the movement, photos, data bases, quantities. Registers are important to stimulate next initiatives.

d) To supply elements of identification with the cause and the mobilizador project: to identify and to articulate values that make with that each individual if relates with the identity of the movement. They are symbols (material graph, rituals and events) that they will have to translate the cause and its values. The cited elements above are complementary to the planning of communication and must be part of the strategical planning of the movement. The professional communicator cannot neglect none of them and will have to use them so that the public if involves truily with the fight for the cause. In one second part, still of the first chapter, the author describes the characteristics of the communication in the mobilization process.

The Same

The father, who never fishes had it as distraction, did not give satisfactions of its intention. Finally, one day, simply was said farewell to all, without expressing any feeling, entered in its canoe and left. The DEPARTURE the surprising one is that the departure did not occur in fact, the man left, but it was not even so of time, was motionless in the way it river. The conviviality in society left, abandoned the solidity of its daily it was placed the edge of its proper life. It is not gotten loose of the past, but also it does not advance for the stranger. But it contemplates, at a distance, the place that occupied until then. Its search was not for the new, was not of its interest to tame new horizontes, therefore it kept the firm look in the concrete, as it was tried to analyze it under another angle. Thus, becoming free themselves of the daily one, conquering its freedom in the current water, the man could pass the life the clean one.

Why to choose the river as shelter instead of the top of a mountain, for example? Of he could there sight the daily life where he was inserted keeping the same distanciamento that he got in the water. In an attempt to understand this choice he can yourself says be used it of Bachelard when he says that the water is a transitory element, the being directed toward the water is a being in vertigo. He dies to each minute, some thing of its substance pulls down constantly. The water always runs, always falls and always finishes in its horizontal death. In the solidity of a mountain it would be difficult to find malleability that the water offers for the transformations of the being. For being the river this transitory element, the man can glimpse the ticket of its life and be gone deep search of its proper substance.

Europe Dichotomies

In middle of the decade of 1980, 42% of the population already met in the great urban centers. These agglomerations consequentemente had consequentemente generated the typical problems of habitation, sanitation, education and security. Years 60 are characterized as the decade of bigger estudantil agitation, the aversiva majority to the military service. The new times (postwar period) were the only ones that those young knew. Resented young tended if to incline for the left, as it affirms Hobsbawm: The young groups, not yet seated in the established adult age, are lcus traditional of the joy, riot clutter, as they knew the directors of medieval universities even though, and the revolutionary passions are more common to the eighteen years that to the 35, as the generations of children and skeptical children have said generations of bourgeois parents in the Europe.

… when very it was plus a signal of personality agitated of what lerda. With regard to the historiogrfica production of the second half of century XX, we can point as the one of its characteristics elimination of the borders between the cultures popular and erudite in way to other dichotomies. Contradictory, simplistas, the dichotomies had finished if becoming inspiration for many compositions where the daily one, the beliefs and the life it common man if become object of interest of the art and the conception of culture formed from the most diverse experiences of the daily life. The concern with new objects of study is perceived together with the conception of ' ' sources histricas' ' that they are extended when noticing that any vestiges left for the man can come if to become sources since that these adequately are used. According to cultural historian Lynn Hunt: In the end of the decade of 1950 and beginning of the years of 1960, a group of young marxist historians started to publish books and articles on ' ' history coming of baixo' ' ….

Rio De Janeiro

Even though the argument of that the outlaws are only moving of address migrando for other mounts not pacified, does not serve as critical, because its places of origin are even abandoning, it is because it is giving to certain the policy is winning this battle against the power and domain of the traffic for the first time in the estria of the city of Rio De Janeiro. It is clearly that still it is little, the ideal would be that all the slum quarters were pacified, that the streets and sidewalk of asphalt were policed, that the number of homicides, robberies, roberies and too much delicts fell the numbers of a city of the largeness of Rio De Janeiro, but for this know that also a UPP in the proper policy would be necessary, another one for the politics well that uses the communities to angariar votes, other to police the entrepreneurs of the traffic, that they are that it really enriches the cost of and mainly a UPP for policing the society in its great majority, that only thinks about taking advantages the costs ofthe damage of others. The first step is being given, if it deserves repairs, that are facts, if contains electoral matrix, but it brings benefits to the society, all good, however most important of everything it will be the day where the boys of the mounts and slum quarters of Rio De Janeiro when initiating a trick of ' ' young man and bandido' ' , they fight to be the policeman and he does not stop being the outlaws as he was in our time of children. There yes we will be able to say that the work occasioned effect, that was valid the penalty at last and that the children of these ghettos from will have the same rights and easinesses there to become citizens as any child of asphalt. It takes that this day very does not delay to arrive and that very soon let us can cry out to the seven cantos that ' ' OUR HEROES STILL ARE OS MESMOS' ' Jorge Administrative Managing Milk


FOR CRITICAL OF the DEMOCRACY (i) Sandro a Bazzanella Luiz i Adison Boell II the present article is the first one of a series that they aim at to locate some arguments for critical of the democracy the contemporary, the myths, the beliefs that inhabit currently around its theoretician-practical formularization. That the democracy either in our days an aspiration of communities, peoples and to be conquered, consolidated, perfected nations, does not remain to the lesser doubt and urgency, in such a way more to be overcome as reference the context of the societrios and planetary challenges that the dynamics of the mundializao and the globalization impose in them, But, either perhaps interesting to have gift, that it stops beyond being the solution for the totality of the relations of power and interests that the world of the men produces, the democracy has its limits. In this direction, she is necessary to remember that at diverse moments of the civilization occidental person, the democracy nor always was unamimity, being questioned and not figuring between more important forms of government. If with Pricles, century VI a.C, in Atenas in Old Greece, the democracy arrives its apogee, being a direct democracy, where the citizens directed themselves for public square in order to debate the interests of the city, it is good for having present of that the democratic experience Greek exclua women, workers, foreigners and slaves. Therefore, it was a democracy of those citizens who had economic ownerships and conditions to make use of the time in public square around the debates of interest of the city-community. The workmanship ' ' Repblica' ' , written for Plato in this period she is a critical one to the Athenian democracy, in the measure where the citizens condemn wisest of the men to the death, Scrates. It was the Athenian democracy that did not tolerate the socrticos questionings.

Success World

League of Heroes – browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game is absolutely free and open to all. This is a game that unites people looking fabulous adventure. This is a game in which everyone can be a Hero. From the History of the World Peace Ledraka, as all know, is flat, being located on a piece of the shell of a Dragon-Grandparent. All known zemleopisaniya argue that it consists of a single land on all sides, except the South, washed circuitous sea. In the south of land goes to the roots of his fragile wetlands moisture, and that for them – no one knows.

Description Enter a world of peace Ledrak, you will find: – a complete fantasy world with its own geography and related, based on game events of history – a unique system of fighting based on an intuitive and pleasantly recognizable game – two sets of character development: economic and military – to achieve permit Success in those areas that are most close to you – a lot of guilds, professions, and interesting classes, quests, tournaments, events, and much more – something that will make your new life exciting and memorable. Features – A huge game world – Great Resources of diversity and broad crafting system – A great number of interesting and diverse quests – Tournaments, Marathons, mazes, monsters, PvP; – Clans, forts, castles – Mysterious bogs and ruins – A large number of things which you can select an individual version of the "swing"; Battle Combat system is as follows: You and your opponent put up a fight one of his followers. Victorious sequence causes damage to the opponent. Also, if your character has a nonzero magic attack, then there is a chance to deal an additional blow to the enemy. The battle continues as long as fighting does not end or health, or followers, or one of the participants did not lose a timeout.

Additional information in the Internet game since 2004. Standing in the online game players 800-1000 The game does not require a subscription fee or mandatory installation of special software. The game has a "Guest login". Site: Encyclopedia League Heroes: The Conclusion An article about the game does not tell all, but try to start my life in the world Ledrak nobody stops you. It should be noted that the game is constantly evolving and improving, so that it more interesting to come. I think that everyone will find in the game what he likes, as well as those with whom you can have a good time together.

Country Justice

IT WILL BE THAT THIS COUNTRY DOES NOT HAVE MORE FIXES? Professor Me. Ciro Jose Toaldo This is an article of a citizen whom it does not support plus as much imposture and enganao in a country where millions of diligent citizens, worthy, honest reliable of its duties, many times is in doubts if they must continue having this form of behavior. I continue believing justice, but divine justice, therefore to each day that passes if it sees people simple, humble and without ownership, them they are the only ones to pay its penalty, while others as much nor are there for nothing, therefore know that to such justice human being it will give to solution for its case. In the such jeitinho Brazilian, atrelado with the demagogy if takes the life, obviously that a half dozen always goes taking off advantages in everything. Expensive reader, if does not scare, only continues reading this article with a little of indignation. She is necessary to leave the comodismo and to have the courage in affirming that something needs to move in our nation, will not be with ' ' gossips and say that it says of the time of campaign eleitoral' ' that we will have modifications. That it is clearly that I do not write with intention to attack somebody: nor party, nor authority or politicians; we need to make a great one will mutiro to promote one I fix in ' ' rano' ' that it came with elapsing of the history of the nation. For the majority that has to be able, they think about itself and as to take off advantage she stops in it if she perpetuates (especially if of the power they happen financial profit). She does not have doubt, great part of what she walks happening is guilt of the proper people who if accomodates and faces everything with normality.

Dental Caries

If at the beginning of the disease not to see a doctor, the process of tooth decay progresses, bacteria penetrate the dentin into the pulp of the tooth and cause its inflammation – pulpitis, which, if untreated, the teeth will move in periostitis – periodontitis, which can eventually lead to tooth loss. What is pulpitis? Pulp – an inflammation of the pulp, resulting from the penetration of microbes into the cavity of the carious defect. His flow can be acute, painful, forcing the patient to immediately seek medical attention. Caused pain is often throbbing, smack in the entire half of the jaw, often in the ear and other parts of the head. Chronic pulpitis less painful, mostly it's the pain of a causal nature, ie arising from a particular factor, such as cold, sour or sweet drink.

If by having the pain is long and does not pass for 3-5 minutes, you should assume the pulp. What is periodontitis? Periodontitis – an inflammation of the periodontal tissue surrounding the tooth root. It can also occur acutely, with severe pain, including aggravated by nakusyvanii on the aching tooth. If you do not seek medical help, it may be swelling of the gums and even an abscess near the causative tooth. This process causes a change in the whole body: fever, leukocytosis, ESR. This is especially true for acute suppurative periodontitis, which requires urgent intervention: the opening of the tooth and cut your gums. Acute negnoyny (serous), periodontitis occurs more easily.


The collection of information and material of reference. The information is the spine of its installation soon of being successful. You must congregate documents of the vehicle with the specific colors of the wiring, places and polarities. These graphs are available in a infinity of places, in general gratuitously. You can locate these information in the manual of the motion of the store, in the concessionaire of the motorcycle, or possibly on-line. Planning the installation of the alarm. Its plan will be the difference between a finished product and left a work for the following week.

To few minutes of the planning and to prepare will give at least one hour and stocking to little time of installation. It is not amused, but it needs to be made! The side with its project of alarm installation starts studying side of its motorcycle specific diagram motion. You identify to which characteristics that plan to use the alarm, nor all the resources are necessary. (For example, imobilizador of the engine, has pulled out to distance) Preparation of the wiring. Before installing, it is certifyd that it disconnect the terminal – negative of the battery of the motorcycle ().

This will go to eliminate the possibility of accidental short-circuits and/or unnecessary draining of the battery. After identifying to which resources you will go to install, to eliminate wires not used, will have yourself, to prevent the clutter. He is practical common to twist wires of one same fiche, after that, to fix them together one to the other with black isolating ribbon. He all does not roll the package, as wires different to go for different places. When you to finish to involve all the harnesses, to record them ones to the others to create a great pigtail contend all the used wires. This keeps together wires, free insurance and of lints and blockage.

Internet Receiver

The COMMUNICATION AND ITS ELEMENTS the form of if communicating are in fact very important, that even exactly great historical facts prove that the biggest strategists had reached the success in its battles through a beneficial communication. According to Gustavo Matos (2009, P. XXVII), ' ' the word communication is originary of Latin communicare, that it means ' to become comum' , ' partilhar' , ' repartir' , ' associar' , ' to change opinies' , ' conferenciar' ' ' , that he is something that we make the all instant, either in the professional environment, either with the friends, the family, namorada the (o), for the Internet, the telephone, letter etc. ' ' In the communication it always has a basic intention: as source coder, certainly the emitting wait that the receiver selects its message understands, it, the acceptance and, finally, the wall lamp. In turn, the receiver when decoding the message also has a basic intention. It desires to select what it is important for it.

Of this form, he goes to direct its understanding and evaluation, stops later deciding if accepted or not it transmitted content, to apply what to find valid in mensagem' '. (BORDENAVE, 1995, p.20) the communication is an element much importance for the success of some types of projects independently of the area in which it belongs, staff or professional, therefore is essential that plain one of communication at the beginning of the project is made one elaborated. This planning will be able to prevent and to minimize the appearance of attritions, delays, comprometimento of the target and even though divergences between the members of the group, if planned well and having the conscience of its importance, it will be able to assist and to promote the development of the project. In accordance with David Kenneth Berlo (1991, P. 49), Having an objective to communicate and a reply to get, the communicator waits that its communication is most faithful possible.