Packaging corresponds to a method that is used to keep foods in good condition. The packaging consists of heating food to a temperature where their possible microorganisms are destroyed to proceed with seal, canning or bagging the respective product. He is said that the only safe method to package the majority of food under conditions of pressure and temperatures that will reach 116 to 121 degrees Celsius. The foods that are considered they must be packaged under pressure, correspond to the majority of vegetables, seafood, meats, dairy products and agricultural products. On the other hand, foods that considers that they can be packed in a boiling water bath, include those acid products that have one pH of less than 1.6, such as certain fruits, pickled vegetables, the foods to which has been added to acid during its production. When the French revolution began, the French newspaper Le Monde, offered a prize of 12 000 francs, to that inventor who devise a cheap technique and effective keep large amounts of food in excellent condition. By then, the great armies of the time, required supplies of quality food, so food preservation was priority. It was therefore Nicollas Appert in the year of 1810, which developed the system for sealing food in glass jars, hence the emergence of the packaging..