Headache and ringing ears are two symptoms that are intimately related. The majority of patients suffering from tinnitus in a chronic state, manifest feel migraines, cluster headaches and Migraines at various times of the day. Tinnitus is a word that derives from the latin and means hum or noise campaign. This feeling that suffer from hundreds of millions of people in the world, generates not only physical discomfort, but also changes in everyday life by affecting the mental and emotional health of the patients. Modern medicine offers integrators treatments to cure tinnitus that act not only on the consequences of evil (headaches and humming sound in ears) but also about the causes that led to it and that it’s provide relief from both the physical and the psychological. The first consultation with the Otolaryngologist is a long: the specialist must not only ask for routine analysis to rule out physical pathologies, but it must also perform an extensive questionnaire to the patient to determine which is the type of tinnitus that ails him, if it occurs throughout the day, intervals and know if this buzz is acute in some particular time of the day. Recent studies confirm that most of the patients say the relation of the headache and ringing of ears is made more acute at night, before going to bed and in the presence of silence. For this reason the majority of specialists prescribe, not only pain killers to combat headache, but it also recommended some techniques that may help relieve symptoms of zoom to the silence.

Among these, the most widespread are the generators of noise that can mask the buzzing and help patients to have a healthy rest. A break which is essential to assist in its recovery. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.