Original Gift Packing

Properly and successfully choose a gift – that's half the battle. Now, because of his need to pack the original! Why? Suppose you want to make a gift of an interesting surprise, the original packaging in this wonderful help (details – just below). Or you just can not stand the standard paper and ribbon bows, on the box. Or do you want your gift is (at least in its presentation), among dozens of memorable gifts donated by others. Or do you have just no time or opportunity to go to the gift wrapping department.

In any case, you decided to pack the original gift, and on their own, I mean hands. Well, if the gift is small, then you can do even without the box such mangled little "wood" in the literal sense – the mangled branches poraskidistee and without leaves. Stick them in a pot with soil, it is beautiful chains and make your hands Tree Surprise: hang on the branches candy crackers, and a postcard, of course, a gift. Add tinsel or ribbon – ready, gift wrapped, and even how original! Also a small gift can be put in doll, instead of the smallest or more of the small dolls, depending on the size of the gift. As you can see, small gifts make room for imagination in devising the package. More ideas, see the article The original packaging small gift. And what to do with the gift pomassivnee, who did not hide it and doll on the tree does not hang? Gift wrapping can be a little more "doll" yourself! It is well-known version, when the box is packed in a box, then back in the box and so further.

To such a "doll" was even more unpredictable and original, do the non-standard: in the end put a few boxes, but no one, and let the birthday boy guesses at what kind of gift (the rest can be invest small surprises). Learn more about the original packaging gift. Originally a gift pack with their hands can help a large box and a dozen balloons. Gift bind to the ball, inflated helium – and he will take off spectacularly out of the box, filled with "normal" balls. Or, conversely, inflate the balloons with helium everything, then open the box and the birthday boy gets sea flying ball (painted different pleasant greetings and wishes), and at the bottom – a gift. More ideas with balls in the article Happy surprise. Balls. Good luck and inspiration in your gift package!