Original Emotions

People associated with an emotion of sadness often avail themselves of the stooped posture to sustain his emotion, for example. There are people who keep the dissociation at work based on an intellectual stance of separation. The P.N.L. explores how the connection is pensamientos-emociones – body in every experience that we want to work. (Similarly see: health organizations). This allows us programme that relationship and realize how we ourselves can produce us a headache, stress or a crisis of anxiety. It is essential, in order to generate a change real, know by ourselves does suffering, then, little by little, des – identify us from him.

step 3: learn to change the structure pensamiento-emocion that makes us suffer. We have detected a limiting emotion for us that is scheduled by the previous experiences of our life and we have realised how you maintain it with certain thoughts and body postures. Sometimes this decision of conscience is sufficient to make a change, and sometimes the habit of the neural network has created a structure that needs tools and specific actions to consolidate the new desired emotional attitude. The P.N.L. has developed a very effective methodology to deprogram us negative emotions and learn how to enhance the positive emotions that we want to cultivate. Original search for the origin also is critical to understand that every experience, painful though it is, is bringing us information that is important to take advantage of that if we do not we would be suffering in vain.

Pain is an information that is something not working properly in our psycho-somatic unit and if we limit ourselves to cover it or ignore it, as we usually do with some emotions, we could be putting off dilemmas or problems will be presented in a more complex and masked long-term, when it becomes already more difficult solve them because the source (or cause) is more buried by time. For this type of topics the P.N.L. has designed a very original and innovative intervention that allows you to climb in a simple way by the past of our life until you find, in the majority of cases, origin or cause of an emotional problem is present even if the person has him buried in the unconscious and apparently forgotten. This whole process of liberation of emotions is very structured and its effectiveness is widely verified in the world of therapeutic applications. It is being used from the 1970s by thousands of people with great results and allows, for example, modify reactions behavioral as void a phobic response (which is an intense fear) into 2 or 3 sessions of individual work. It is possible to manage your emotional processes to avoid unnecessary suffering and increase your ability to enjoy life.