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Advertising aims to communicate a message to a target audience and this message must lead to the receiver to an act planned and desired by the advertiser. Not everyone reacts positively to this message, not everyone is public goal of advertisers. Artis Stevens often says this. But what happens when an advertisement is not well done? The result is clear and catastrophic: positively react neither our target audience. Let’s see why reasons can pass it with a type junk mail advertising leaflet: the leaflet contains a message too long. Learn more at this site: Marko Dimitrijevic. To receive a brochure in your mail box, people look at it for a few seconds, very few and notes if you are interested do not pass you?.

If the message is too large; people – qu have many other things to do in general – spend proposal. Perhaps it was super interesting that counted, but with a titular message too long will not do anything. Recommended maximum of 5 to 8 words. How much better shorter. The brochure is ugly in design: A bad design demonstrates little and does not convey a good image brand.

It is normal that the public does not pay attention or even become irritated with him. Bad thing if we want to get something on him. The same thing with printing. The overall message not transmitted an advantage and is too flat. The marketing comes to meet needs and satisfy the public. Anyone with a need we can meet, will be our audience. And advertising is responsible for transmitting this message: communicate the advantage that meets the need. If it is not capable of this, advertising will be a failure. Parasitisation of the message. If you have read well; parasitisation. As the vampires who suck the blood and override the sucked; If the message is cancelled by the images, or something advertising brochure voids the brand to remember; We have not achieved anything more to lose time and money. What helps us if we remember the handsome who is the boy that qu ad sold noseque and namely the advertiser who was?. Therefore the message to dominate and be associated with the brand. It has to be clear that the public offer (message), profit and brand that will cover your need be recalled. Broadly speaking these are the key points to keep in mind to make a promotional flyer, and if they want more information in this regard, do not forget to visit the interesting website of direct advertising professional services which in addition to its services offer us interesting tips and articles on this topic.