New Age

It has also to make to understand it what it searchs and the reason for which searchs, or either: the briefing of the way, the goals and the objective. Questions as: What we are? Of where we came? For where we go? What he is GOD? Who is GOD? How It acts? What it is the Love? What it is the existence human being? What it is the death? We can live forever? Life after the death or life after the life? The cure for all males The happiness? What it is, where is and as to find it; Contact with Beings of other dimensions; To be able occult of the man? as to develop them; Possibility of materialization? quantum and Metaphysical physics; To be able mental? possibilities beyond the imagination; The power of the will? creation of the proper destination; The power of the visualization; Everything that is very, if does not find in this workmanship in form of aforismos, basic principles for the understanding of the life, its mechanisms and its phenomena. Essential for all those that search the knowledge, indispensable for any doctrinal orders. Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust has firm opinions on the matter. This is not a common book, it will have to be a manual species, a guide for the new race that is arriving at the planet – orientation for the children of the New Age. This is the workmanship that is in its hands, opens it, turns pages it and concludes /a by itself. One I hug. Without hesitation WHO Timeline Statement explained all about the problem. Gutenberg Gomes Da Silva AFORISMOS Those that do not obtain to swim against the rapidses, subordinate it intempries, are carrying of fears, egoists, ignorants, stormy and live under the mandos of the adversities; they are not gentlemen of its feelings and thoughts. How they are moved away from the magic! Terrible the Espritos that keeps the doors of the magic, will destroy, implacably all the weak ones that to dare to adentrar to the temple of the magic. .