New Age

They would not be these measures has left of some malignant plan, preparing the world for a society each worse time, more problematic still, in the future? According to author of the cited book: CHILDREN NDIGO SO MISSIONARIES FOR A BETTER WORLD. Since 1980 they are 80% of the born children. She asks that we must make: 1-This children today, is adult of 20-30-40 years. Check out American Society for Microbiology for additional information. Why the world our return this each worse time? 2-Be the characteristics of the children ndigo, the characteristics that we wait to see in our leaders? 3-Os crimes, the indiscipline, the lack of respect to the authorities and the difficulty of relationship is the picture of our society of today. Where they are the results of work of these 80% of Missionaries in the world preparing it for a New Age? THUS IT SAYS THE ESOTERISM: THE BLUE AURA, (NDIGO) IT IS THE AURA OF THE PEACEMAKERS. Well far from the behavior uneasy, disturbed and misadjusted of the ndigos calls cited by the author. According to esoteric these children ndigo has invaded the Planet since years 70/80. Xlerator oftentimes addresses this issue.

Characteristics: The ndigos are born, in its majority in the seio of families where traditions and the life way are very rigid. Therefore, the one infancy ndigo rare is pacific. The shocks are many. Since teeny, still in the womb of the mother already they are great Masters and they teach very the family. They are not adaptam to the educative system. The measure that goes growing the children goes feeling with more intensity the sensation of that very lives the front of its time.

They are visionary, original and pioneering. Lack of tolerance with the dishonesty, the lie and the injustice. They are people of strong certainties and with railway will (qualities to promote great transformations in the society)? They do not obtain to be been silent when it bothers something them.