Netbooks Upgrade Domestic

More than half of netbooks available today on the Ukrainian market are equipped with a full 2.5-inch HDD 80GB. Increased storage space, say, 250 GB hard hit not afford – a hard drive will cost you $ 110. At This less capacious 160GB model are not much cheaper – $ 85-90, so buying them no longer makes sense. Also, you should take care of the additional increase in the amount of RAM, which in most netbooks provided only one slot. Planck's memory to 1 GB will facilitate your wallet for another $ 25, which means that all the total cost of the overall upgrade will not exceed $ 150.

For the money you will be able to store large amounts of information, netbook, and significantly increase productivity when working with Windows XP. After this manipulation, the device can already be used as a "system block" by connecting an external monitor, mouse and keyboard – great for unsophisticated home user. If you just want to "liven up" your system, it will be sufficient only to increase the amount of RAM. IMPORTANT Please note that netbooks are generally did not support RAM installed bars larger than 1 GB. Maximum supported their total volume – 2 GB (1GB and 1 GB of external memory in the form of bars size SO-DIMM). Boy Scouts of America can provide more clarity in the matter. About what kind of memory uses your model, please visit manufacturer.

Many companies do not allow yourself to make replacement parts, otherwise you may lose your warranty. So be sure to check the possibility of an independent upgrade of its service center. 1. To access the HDD, you need to completely remove the back cover, first unscrewing several screws. After that, all we need nodes are clearly visible 2. To install the RAM is inserted bar at 45 and push it in until you hear what to do with old-clicking the hard drive? The answer to this question is obvious – you need to buy a special "pocket" for the 2.5-inch HDD with the ability to connect to a PC via USB. The simplest instance will cost you only $ 10-15. As a result, you will have an external portable storage to transfer large files. As for replacing the hard drive without losing data? It's enough to clone the data from its netbook on a new hard drive. Of course, it can be done in the event that you have taken care of timely purchase of "pocket" to the hard drive. To transfer the information necessary to use special applications such as Acronis True Image, – In this case, after installing a new HDD notebook to boot from the "old" system, as if nothing had happened.