Net Internet

Today, all concerned with advertising their products and services. Advertising on the Internet – a simple and effective way to promote your product, which compares favorably with traditional goods and services promotion. Referring to competent Internet agency for the promotion, you save time and money. After all, you do not need to look for the location of the advertising agency, to spend his time on his visit, to coordinate funding for advertising, wait for it to manufacture and most importantly – you do not need to pay for expensive, often unreasonably expensive, technical, promotional tools. With this you get so much more than can give you ads Traditional – high speed performance, convenience, wide area coverage of audience, well, and most importantly – high effectiveness of your online advertising.

I must say that ways to promote your products and services online There are many. Most common: advertising on other sites (banner and contextual and search engine optimization of their resources on the Internet. Both of these methods of advertising can achieve a substantial increase the popularity of your resource in the network, as more users visit your site and learn about your product, the more customers you get, and, consequently, the profits from your products will increase. Today, more companies refers to such forms of advertising as promotion on the Internet. According to studies conducted by DoubleClick, today more than half of marketers in the world use their work internet resources, then is promoting products and services via the Internet. The first place among European countries for friendship with the Internet in advertising is the UK – 73% of marketing in this country are related to the promotion of the network. For Spain, the figure was 66% for Germany – 43% for Scandinavia – 34%, for Italy – 31% on last, France – 21% of online marketing tools.

In our country, according to the newspaper "Kommersant", the market for advertising on the Net Internet has grown to 75% (data for the first quarter of 2007). And so much more volume of the market growth of other types of advertising (traditional). Such growth rates online market to promote products and services speak of the undoubted prospect of this kind of advertising. In this case, the growth of online advertising market is uneven, if you divide the online advertising segment. If at the beginning of becoming the market used mainly banner advertising, the Recently, a faster pace increases contextual advertising. Just change the priorities in the types of sites used for advertising. If the earlier advertisement was placed mainly on vysokoposeschaemyh obschetematicheskih portals, now the big priority for specialized areas, due to their ability to access most of the target audience. At the same time, advertising is gaining popularity in blogs social networks.