Naked Lunch In Krefeld – Texts From The Body Soul

Gerry X & Heidi ad Hoc performance of a different kind already in the 80s went poete Maudit Gerry X at its borders and gave insight into what he calls his soul meat in a bizarre way. After a long silence has charismatic avant-garde artists with the new poetry anthology night sweats chants “and his novel Chomsky silence that broken and returned on the stage. Speaking candidly Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine told us the story. The eur440 language lovers should make a prebooking. In the Cafe in Krefeld bankruptcy is the Poete maudit from 20.30 night sweats songs read. The depths of human existence are lit to excess in lyrically expressive language. The word artist creates a wonder provoking atmosphere due to his performance. Taboos are broken human existence is blown up in the tension of the issues of trust/fear and love/death. Gerry is accompanied X by the poet Heidi ad Hoc.

Her lyrics can be self experiences take part in us, which are known, but hardly anyone dares to be so openly and clearly. The Author sprinkles salt into the wounds of the soul with its cascades of set of. Nothing may be left unspoken. Desperation, fear, love, but also hope – culminating in their texts to finally on the Zenit to look for possible ways out of hopelessness. The Embassy Heidi, ad HOCs is: you put your self, your fear and your passions. Who is blind to themselves is deprived of his freedom. Their debut band LilSchwarz appears in late summer 08 Culex Verlag.

The event naked lunch texts from the body soul bankruptcy, Issumer str. 8, 47809 Krefeld-Linn takes place at the eur440 from 20:30 at the Cafe. Open the location from 19:00, entrance is free. There is information, reading & auditions to the authors under and. Monika Bottcher by the Culex – Verlag