Mombasa Berlin

As a future East West hub the so far most important airports in Europe Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and London have dressed warm large airport. At least when it comes to the management of the major airport Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI). This instance in the future sees itself as a serious competitor of the European hubs. Just the excellent geopolitical position between East and West plays the Flulghafen in a natural way in your hands. The flights to and from Asia will benefit in particular of Air Berlin. The Internet portal the plans of management introduces closer. While the construction of BBI major airport is in full swing, the visions of the future of management are becoming increasingly evident.

In particular the Air Berlin plays a major role in the building of the BBI. As the second largest German airline wants to expand it to the hub the airport. For early 2012, which has Air Berlin its accession to the OneWorld airline alliance”announced an international network, with American Airlines. British Airways, Cathay and Quantas has strong partners. The German airline could benefit significantly from its dense network. According to the management of the BBI, the line of long-haul flights over Berlin brings two advantages: one could shorten the flight time to the Asian continent and the other staff costs for the Ersatzcrew could be saved.

But the German carrier of meaning not only the connection to Asia. As a member of the OneWorld “Alliance Air Berlin considerably more international connecting flights to ensure than in the past. New York is the destinations Dubai, Miami and Mombasa, which belong to the network since November 2010, from may of this year. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann