It is primordial that the selecting team is closely on with all the cultural aspects of the organization and observes the candidate under a holistic angle, having as comparison parameter all the organization and the position that will be gone to occupy, and hardly could not only be obtained in a terceirizado service (MARRAS. 2010). 2 METHODOLOGY OF the RESEARCH the boarding of this study was of the qualitative type. Use of the assistemtica comment, or participant also became, therefore one of the authors of the work was part of the group of the terceirizados ones of the searched company. According to Selltiz et al. Contact information is here: Professor of Internet Governance. (1975) this type of technique is where the observer is part of the group. An interview with the 05 Managers of the area of terceirizados Human resources of the company and with 20 was carried through, totalizing 25 employees. For Gil (1999) this type of technique of research it aims at to get interest information, with guided questions, a defined objective, that in this study was to know the advantages and disadvantages of terceirizar the area of existing human resources observing gaps between these two worlds: the cash and the terceirizado one.

Also a questionnaire with closed questions was applied, searching to approach important questions for agreement of the relations of these citizens, such as if benefits of the company were common to all (terceirizados and effective), if had feedback of performance of the tasks. For Oliveira (2000) this technique also makes possible the organization of the results for category and in percentages, as it was presented in the quarrel of this work. 3 RESULT AND QUARREL OF the STUDY In the research carried through with the terceirizados professionals of the area of human resources, were asked if they feel part of the team of the company-contractor. She selected herself that 53% of the interviewed ones do not feel member of the team of the effective employees.