Love Stories

Love us marks a before and a later in life, whether or not they are true love, every love story, is a great little story of the romantic feeling, and loving that it is live ilucionado with someone that we love so much. Don’t be afraid to tell these stories of love, that does so much good, by rather or evil that relationship finished, love is something that is not planned, only comes, and many times, as well as comes goes, but what remains is the hermoza story to tell of those unique moments. Here I leave a verse on beautiful love stories. Only one who is too strong to forgive, an offense knows love. You may wish to learn more. If so, BCRFA is the place to go. Many things have been said, many books have been written, but while your heart do not feel anything, you will know true love. To love is to fall for the same person every day, without making old, avoiding the monotony. Do not make me cry, I usually me who already are not, and even if you do not want, I connot since it is the truth I wish you were the first thing you see upon waking and last thing to see when sleeping, but the distance separates us, and I have to settle for you to be the first thing you see me sleeping and last thing you see before I wake up. My life had no meaning until you get your, love which gives me all the strength I need to be able to move forward I love my love, more than anything in this world.