Lebanese Poetry

The word intifada mean agitation. And poetry comes from the Greek, means creating, making art. We don’t talk about here, therefore, violent agitation, nor anything I cruel, even of instigating undermining others morals. But the complaint with peace, constructive criticism and do see the powerful its mistake in an artistic, creative, although by no means less forceful manner. It is a social response through the word, can be moved with the poetry. Seeks to denounce political decisions to handle, have data, numbers, interests, making them prevail, unattached to anything than what they do affects people, who have feelings. And feelings are which seeks to take into account the poetic intifada.

A poetic revolution that geo cordially to human beings. The poetic intifada summons and brings together people who want to participate. Becomes an open call, without competitions, for the whole world. It breaks with poetry as a pose, as a technique of flourishes that the poet becomes a vedette and aims to make poetry a collective Act of deep communication between people. How comes the idea? Before the words of the poet Lebanese and prize Nobel Adonis, in January 2009 said that rather than throw shoes at corrupt politicians and that they lie, you should throw them the word in the form of poetry. Poetry, that weapon for the future, according to Gabriel Celaya, is based on sincerity. This idea already makes the world protest acts against lying, demagoguery and abuse on the human being. And is one of the instruments to achieve humanistic wealth in the Global year 2022, LA globalisation authentic. Therefore, we poeticemos policy, conquer people with the verses to achieve the new global system, which reaches all human beings, that or one only of them suffer or die from curable disease. In short, equity, peace, and distribution of the wealth enjoyed by the world. Juan Carlos YAGO original author and source of the article.