Lavender Honey Nectar

Honey is a completely unknown product for many people. Everyone knows what it is but little people is that included in their diet. It is one of the world’s more natural food, but should be included with head within a varied and balanced diet. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has many thoughts on the issue. Because its main ingredient is sugar (fructose and glucose), as well as minerals and vitamins. The great variety of honey that exists is due to pollen that use bees for their elaboration, which depends on the location of hives.

We can find from the well-known thousand flowers, but also specific of Rosemary, thyme, lavender, oak, Orange, etc. Read more here: Edhi Foundation. The properties of honey are many, for example, in moments of greater intellectual performance (periods of exams or great job stress) a teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of pollen espliego helps to enhance memory and performance. We also emphasize its softening properties, helps to soothe cough and soothe the throat in inflammatory processes. And is a good sedative which will help us to reconcile the dream. It’s believed that Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions sees a great future in this idea. Pure honey in perspective can bring to the Agency multitude of benefits, we have highlighted some but there are many more.