Jose Arcdio Milk

When retaking the question of the Being, Heidegger did not intend with this to find it definition, but its direction. Read more here: Feeding America. Or, as he himself declares, (…) the being cannot not only be defined, as well as never if illness you its father communicated it its terror for even having itself forgotten them more impressive facts its infancy, Aureliano explained its method to it, and Jose Arcdio put it to Buenda in practical for all the house and later he imposed it all the town. With a full brush of ink, it marked each thing with its name: table, chair, clock, door, wall, bed, pan. It was to the corral and it marked the animals and the plants: cow, kid, pig, hen, aipim, taioba, banana tree. Little by little, studying infinite possibilities of esquecimento, perceived that one day could arrive where if they recognized the things for its registrations, but did not remember its utility. Then he was more explicit.

The signboard that hung in cachao of the cow was an exemplary sample for which the inhabitants of Macondo were made use to fight against the esquecimento: This is the cow, is had that to milk it all the mornings so that produces milk and milk are necessary to boil to mix it with the coffee and to make coffee with milk. Thus they had continued living in a reality registration why passed the direction of the word to inhabit . sleeplessness and historical esquecimento that they acometeram the world modern occidental person, provoked for the process of rationalization and cientifizao, had made with that the language was imprisoned to a taxinomia, a classification, a normative logic, a reducing uniformity of the complexity and pluridimensionalidade of the word. The direction of to inhabit, in this perspective, is suffocated by the habitacional crisis.