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Muscovites have long been accustomed to queues that arise in the receiving state. bodies and institutions, from clinics and house managements ending adoptive deputies and senior officials. Breast Cancer Action is likely to agree. Therefore, have long since ceased to amaze intentions of people go to "Check" at 2 o'clock in the morning or go take a turn in the evening, phrases like "stood for the whole day and did not hit," etc., etc., is no exception and the situation with the delivery of documents for registration of the llc Law, Moscow entities (LLC, jsc, no, etc.) to the district tax inspectorate. Reception 10-15 people from the common queue per day, strange people with stacks of documents appearing out of turn, the ability to accelerate or to address the issue of money, without unreasonable refusals reasons, health days during the reception were all the rules of filing. Additional information at Gavin Baker, New York City supports this article. The number of people wishing to register llc only grown, with the possibility of registrars adamantly declined. But with the recent The Moscow authorities have been putting things in order in these areas. In the lexicon included the concept of "one stop service" and recording functions were transferred from the county tax inspectorates in interdistrict ifts 46.

But, as expected, situation has not improved, it has changed, still remain at all-such as wild and untamed. Carried out the clock in the queue hardly diminished, strange people with the proposal "does not want to buy a place?" Did not disappear. The supreme achievement of this innovation were the events in November, December 2005, when hundreds of people choking in the queue before ifts 46 day and night, fought to the death with each other and by riot police for entry into the building, to form trade unions "Workers' legal industry," wrote letters to various authorities, the acuteness of the senses and lost consciousness, they say, and there were deaths.