Johns Hopkins University

Israel did not occupy territories of any sovereign State. Judea, Samaria, and Gaza were illegally held by Jordan and Egypt. The disputed areas were promised to Jewish settlements by the League of Nations in 1922 and the respective resolutions were transferred to the United Nations under article 80 of the UN Charter. Faithful with its policy of support for extremism, acted as an observer of the Venezuelan referendum. A day before the event, all the polls gave victory to the opposition, but Chavez winning result was significant: 58 to 42 percent. Experts Edward Felten of the Department of Sciences of computing of Princeton University along with Aviel Rubin and Adam Strubblefield of Johns Hopkins University, who did the follow-up of the process, pointed out that electronic voting is much more susceptible to massive fraud than the manual. The Carter Foundation didn’t work check the new computers or software that the Chavez government first introduced in the electoral system Venezuelan; they preferred to ignore this insignificant detail.

Surely the manisero returned to Caracas to oversee upcoming elections in December and make sure that Chavez would continue in power. If you lose, despite the fraud that is detected come, the former President found in South America a new contender dictator. It is a peasant so prepared, worship and good political Manager as was he. It is Evo Morales, that in United States is covered under your lap. The indigenous Bolivian President got a guard in the Empire who both hates and insults that at every opportunity that can. Carter, consistent with its principles, agrees with the Communist, racist and autocratic measures of Morales, which are causing clashes and cost him the lives of far too many, in just nine months of Government.