Jeremias Bentham

David Schnaid* 1 – the study of the knowledge it belongs to the field of the called philosophy Gnoseologia. The classification of the knowledge does not excuse the gnoseologia, but limited the inquiry to the considered subject, is losted in thought here these prolegmenos and if adentra soon the Epistemologia that has for object accurately to demarcate the limits of the diverse modalities of the knowledge, the criteria of gauging of its value, its respetivos methods and logic. 2 – Some classifications exist, that we can congregate in two great groups: the biblioteconmica, destined to faci.litar collections of papers or books; the philosophical one, or valorativa, or for content, thus assigned for obeying an order of respctivo content. In general, they obey the existing identification elements in objects of the knowledge: cosmo, the nature, the man, the animals, inanimate the etc. The subject has worried thinkers as Jeremias Bentham, John Locke, Augustus Comte, Herbert Spencer, without speaking in the Classic antiquity, for example, in Aristotle; in the Age Average, and the scholastic classifications. 3 – Divergindo, became the classification of the diverse modalities of knowledge, obeying the criteria of gauging of its value, its method and its logic here, that vary modality according to, as it is seen to follow.

This classification is preferred by its potential for the development of the speech, the research, the analysis of all the knowledge, what it provides enormous application to it. For these criteria, we differentiate the diverse forms of knowledge, congregating them in six categories: vulgar or mundane, scientific, philosophical, Metaphysical, mstico and technological. 2-O vulgar knowledge does not have critical concern. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Marko Dimitrijevic and gain more knowledge.. It is acquired by the experience. It is distinguished, in fragmentary way, to take care of to the necessities of day-by-day. For example, we learn to read, to write, to direct an automobile, to apply our money, to direct our businesses, to appreciate the art, always through the experience.