Internet Camera

Mini Digital Video – Digital semi-professional format created by simplifying and, consequently, reduce the cost of a professional format dv. Uses the special cassettes mini dv (tape width – 6,35 mm, speed – 18.831 mm / s) which are reproduced either from the camera or on a dedicated digital video recorder. Duration of recording on one tape – 60 minutes sp (90 min LP). The cost of shooting-17 cents / minute. Approximate to a professional image resolution – up to 540 lines horizontally (for comparison – to allow a professional format, Betacam sp – 650 lines). Stereo-quality cd (PCM stereo – 48 /16 bits / 2 channels or 32 / 12 bit / Channel 4). Nonlinear (digital) editing. Multimedia Interface: recording from analog to digital and Conversely, a computer / the computer via the parallel port (RS232C), through the i.LINK (IEEE 1394), via high-speed USB-interface as well as memory cards (up to 128 Mb).

In the older expensive models applied professional lenses known manufacturers of optics and trehmatrichnye megapixel ccd, optical image stabilizer, and in general all the latest technology. Since its inception in mini dv camcorders aggressively developing a digital photography – that is, preservation of still images. However, while this function should be considered only secondary, because to print a decent shot of standard size, it is desirable to remove at least a 2-megapixel camera. But also adopted in the video interlaced scan mode does not allow for full shots, practically reducing the visual information to the frame in half. But: Firstly, for the computer and even more so for the Internet for money images more than enough. Many cameras have already exceeded the original mode vga (640×480), reaching a resolution of 1600×1200 and higher.

Second, dramatically improved the completeness of the freeze-frame ccd with progressive scan and megapixel ccd (in chambers Sony DCR-PC115 and Sony DCR-TRV30 reached 1.5 million pixels). Third, widespread technology advanced photography, using a mechanical shutter that can read a full staff and a regular matrix. Judging from the race for the photo quality, which staged the producers camcorders, near the time when digital camcorders catch quality camera. And some of the benefits are already evident: the number of frames recorded on a videotape, the hundreds, that is ten times greater than the possibility of digital cameras. Mini dv format offers the best picture and sound quality, affordable lovers. 'Kruce' is Only professional equipment, which is an order of magnitude more expensive. Therefore, we recommend mini dv camcorder to everyone who looks to the future, whose choice is not limited budget who want to permanently keep the footage, while keeping wonderful opportunity for non-linear editing computer, but simply everybody who was going to buy yourself or someone as a gift, a good camera. Note: It is remarkable that on a standard mini dv came together almost all the leading electronics manufacturers. Therefore, mini dv cameras produce all: Sony, Panasonic, Canon, jvc, Samsung and Thomson.