Institute Consumers

More people needed to be interviewed, so that if she could carry through a diagnosis excellent in relation to the profile of the Brazilian consumer. The present work had only intention to call the attention for the question the exaggerated consumerism. You may wish to learn more. If so, Segra Stadium is the place to go. In accordance with a research carried through for the Institute Akatu, a ONG whose mission is to spread the responsible behavior between the Brazilian consumers, is increasing the number of consumers who charge of the companies a paper that goes beyond the simple fulfilment of the laws. In similar study, carried through for the same Institute, in the year of 2000, 35% of the people they found that the company of great transport had the obligation to help to construct a better society for all. The percentage went up for 44% in the year of 2007. It is perceived, each time more, that the consumers want, beyond good products and services, suppliers that are compromised to the improvement of the quality of life of the community. When it perceives the existence of social conscience, the consumer if it identifies with the company under the prism of the exercise of the citizenship, creating difficult bonds of allegiance to occur with entities that cultivate different values (MELO GRANDSON and FROES, 2001, P. 101).

Of this form, the ambient education is indispensable for the awareness of the citizens in the direction to consume sustainable products. In this direction, Canepa standes out (2004, P. 159) ' ' It is had that to always have in mind that education and citizenship are indissociveis: the more the citizen will be educated, in all the levels, more she will be capable to fight and to demand its rights and to fulfill to its deveres.' ' E, thus, will be individuals capable to have directed certain attitudes to the support in the spheres social, ambient and economic.