Often it leads to clashes if the lawn mower in reverse is used, oblivious to the surroundings. Also, children ever fall from the seat. You can not deny comfort and speed of a ride-on mower, but it is hard to justify their use in an environment in which your family in danger could be. What can you do? Her family want the advantage of a clean, organized garden, without the risks of repeated use of the lawn mower. How should you mow the lawn and avoid at the same time dangerous situations? A fantastic solution is the use of home robots to automate the cutting of the grass. A fully automatic robot lawn mower products such as Robomow can easily be programmed to drive to the convenient for you time in the garden, to cut the lawn and then return, to recharge itself.

These intelligent lawn mowers are the most obvious step, long term Injuries prevent them working without human involvement. It is a technique that is applied all over the world for many years, particularly in the manufacturing industry. Where once an employee in risky environments manually worked today powerful technology automates the production process as much as possible. Simply put, people are more prone than machines, why not our robot friends for us the risk so? By reducing human involvement and the garden management automation enables Robomow to that back injuries and muscle pain a thing of the past. Also a number of safety features can switch off automatically as with sensors equipped bumper and lift-detection technology recognize quickly dangerous situations and the machine until the potential risk has been removed. This strictly tested safeguards work has been proven in more than ten years history of the mower were very few Injury cases reported. It is easy to see home robots as a way to give the responsibility to the House, but in truth, this technology plays a crucial role in ensuring our security.

Automatic lawn mower avoid long-term injuries, because moves the man at no time in danger. Robomow Robomow is a fully automatic lawnmower, which supports your lawn not only on optimum height using the latest technology, but also its built-in battery charges. The mower uses an advanced land cover algorithm with which he evenly can mow the entire lawn, by he mowing each area in different directions. In addition, Robomow is also a pioneer of grass recycling. He leaves a finely chopped layer of grass clippings, which actively provides nutrients the soil and thus ensures an impressive, lush lawn with minimum human effort. Robomow is a private company, in 1995 with the aim of automating more time-consuming Founded in household tasks.