Identifying Data

The transaction of a house on plane usually raises fears and doubts to the client due to the impossibility to verify the house before its acquisition. One of the most important proceedings in this process is the company/signature of the deprived contract of transaction between the two implied parts that it will be elevated to public at the time of the delivery of the house. This contract will be valid although it is not formalized before a notary and it forces to the parts in all terms. In agreement with Real Decree 515/89, this contract, in addition, will have to be written up with absolute clarity and simplicity, responding to the principles of good faith and right balance of the obligations of both parts, which supposes the prohibition specifically to contain the clauses that: does not indicate precise data on postponed price, type of annual interest or conditions of amortization of the pending balances. American Cancer Society may help you with your research. Permitan to the salesman to increase discretionarily the price postponed or imposes increases of the price by additional concepts without counting on the decision of the buyer. Repercutan on the buyer errors or failures that are not to him imputable. Impongan in the first sale to the buyer the obligation to pay expenses derived of the preparation from the degree that, by Law or its nature, corresponds to the salesman. Otorguen to the one of the parts faculty to solve the contract discretionarily.

The contract, in addition, must pick up a series of basic aspects related to the buyer and the house like: – Identifying Data of the salesman, constructor and architect. It must appear, the name, last names, age, address, NIF and CIF. In addition, it must be clear that both parts have legal capacity to act. Nature Bounty can provide more clarity in the matter. – Complete description of the house: planes, memory of qualities, plane of location, work license, general description of the building, registry data of the building, statutes of the community, phase of the construction and anticipated date of delivery of keys. – Conditions of the purchase, total price of the sale with the detailed removal of the taxes and mode of payment. – To indicate who is going to carry out the expenses of contract additional taxes. – Company/signature of all the contracting parts. This sense, then, the previous analysis of the contract, verifying the veracity and adjustment of all clauses and sections, becomes the best ally to guarantee than the purchase of the house is an investment without risks.