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PLEASE READ THIS MAIL CAREFULLY. THIS IS NOT SPAM. THIS IS TRUE! This has already happened to a friend. NO TO BILL GATES TO He gave a million dollars per FORWARDING A MAIL, AND TO MY OTHER FRIEND TO WHOM THE KIDNEYS him out and left him in a bathtub full of ROLITA, BUT A FRIEND OTHER THAN. PLEASE READ. In a few days, Facebook will begin operating company public in the NASDAQ stock exchange.But apparently, Facebook financial advisers after a detailed analysis on the basis of more than 250 million users and online activities of these users have determined that yes, that’s fine, you have 250 million users is the phenomenon, but the vast majority of these 250 million are pelotudos, and this could potentially affect the company’s initial contribution. For this reason, Facebook has decided to cancel the accounts of users pelotudos. However, a first study on the impact of this measure found that, if carried out, Facebook would get almost no users. And half that found much.For this reason, we conducted a second study, this time more accurate, whereby users could identify more Pelotudo Facebook. And now, Facebook is intended to cancel the accounts of its users more pelotudos. This detection system consists of an algorithm that tracks the accounts for all Facebook users looking for certain activities, combination of words, abuse of certain characters, etc., which-according to Facebook-MORE identifies users asshole.Within 48 hours, Facebook shall block and automatic deletion of these accounts, to debug your user base and achieve a “washed ahead” of this social network, before his imminent departure to the Exchange. But fortunately this information has been leaked, and we can take steps to circumvent the automatic detection algorithm users more pelotudos, prevent the closure of our accounts and ruin this new outrage by this company, which insists on violating our privacy watching our photos that appear to show her ass, revealing our secret activities, and reading the little messages that we leave our friends in the walls. Here are the most important points to which we must respond to prevent the closure of our accounts.They are the main factors that the automatic search algorithm looking for, detect, and classify as “extreme bullshit”, making candidates for the disappearance of this social network. DUDES AND DO NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU ONE! 1) Delete all the entries immediately on your “wall” about who has been opening fortune cookies and that your fortune has been: “you will find happiness right around the corner.” Or any other wealth that you have touched. Do not let a single crumb of fortune cookies.One of the main factors of extreme bullshit and do not want you to close your account, right 2) If you’ve checked your horoscope based on the initial of your name, and the result has been an endless tirade, forcing your friends to do the mouse scroll for five minutes before viewing the next item on its own wall, also delete it.