Hiltrud Baier ISBN

An easy-to-read, fun children’s book, for children from 8 wants to go during the summer holidays to the nine year old Greta her mom, who lives in Sweden. But she’s afraid of flying. After a turbulent journey, Greta finally arrives in Mama’s small town and experienced with her, their friend Mike and holidays with the two Huskies exciting Kolja and Smilla. Smilla disappears, attacking a WSP swarm, Greta can go with four Huskies in dog sledding and even her best friend Sara comes to visit, nothing can go wrong – or…? A book about a tuffes girl, coming to a foreign country about naughty Huskies, who do what they want about a MOM who lives in a strange country where people eat smelly fish and Flummibrotchen; about a curious girlfriend, some on the head is target group: from 6 years to the read 8 years Greta in Sweden to read “by Hiltrud Baier ISBN: 978-3-8391-2523-6, 112 pages of books on demand, 2009 price: 9.90 euro Hiltrud Baier”.