Hiking say are widespread and mostly just as stubbornly as these: who even Announces is not entitled to the founding grant, partly because Kundigung equity usually 1 to engages a lock for obtaining unemployment benefits and this often collides with the time of start-up. It is true that usually a lock upon termination of equity between one and three months is imposed, this blocking time prevents the reference of the founding grant just like the previously carried out own termination. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs are held by request of the founding grant from the outset although there is entitlement. It is also right that no references be paid during the lockout time from the employment agency, this also applies to the reference of the founding grant. Either way this time is to bridge.

The good news however is that in real application, the founding grant in the full level of funding is requested and granted, This can be paid so for six months. For many entrepreneurs often need is much liquidity at the right time, because just for the initial phase. In practice, there are now ways: Variant 1: those founders are already independently during the lockout time and sales to generate the founding grant with a fictional day apply for unemployment at the beginning of the closed period. Option 2: can those founders who want to start immediately after the lock, the lock time for preparatory or use other things like education. Option 3: founder, after given ALG 1 related and later set up (under consideration of other periods). Entrepreneur founding grant can apply for all variants. The formal steps such as work message and the message of the unemployed must be observed precisely. Find more information about the Foundation grant, eBook with tips on applying for and business plan tool under Funding resources experte.de Diplom-Betriebswirt Andreas M. Idelmann email: address Dusseldorf: Tel.: 0211-911 82 196 Benzenbergstr. 2 40219 Dusseldorf address Bochum: Tel: 0234 9310237 Kortumstr.