Health Vitamins

Probably already know all chtobyvitaminy health effects have been, they must have with a meal, not to eat them instead of eating. The issue of nutrition is very simple, it just sounds complicated. Coming up with some special diet for your child does not need. After the baby himself satisfied with his diet necessary, provided that it is not forced to eat, he planted the aversion to certain types of food and that he was given the opportunity to choose. Parents do not have to go too far, as proper nutrition should be balanced. I mean the balance between low-and high-calorie foods, among all the nutritional vitamins. I think every loving parent wants his child to be smart, healthy and beautiful.

Believe me, especially girls, already at this age is very important to feel beautiful. At a recent visit to the hospital, I got some tips proper feeding of the child. The doctor told me how to eat right, if the body lacks certain vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the growth of hair, nail and dental health. This advice, I I want to share with you (in my opinion, they are adults and will also work) So: are especially important following the listed vitamins and minerals. What to eat? – Vitamin A is in the cheese, eggs, butter and liver home birds, and even in chanterelles, broccoli, carrots and spinach. – – Vitamin B complex found in sunflower seeds, cereals, nuts, liver, poultry and white mushrooms. – – Vitamin C is in citrus, apples, oblipihe, figs, broccoli and almonds.

– Iron is found in spinach, beans, apricots, dried fruits, liver, egg yolk and molasses. – – Iodine comes to us from iodized salt, sea fish, shellfish and milk. Educate yourself with thoughts from Vahid David Delrahim. – – Magnesium is in bananas, dairy products from wheat flour, potatoes and poultry. – – Zinc is found in fish, milk, crayfish, crabs and other crustaceans, as well as in red meat.