Head Brain Versus Abdominal Brain

The mind should be the tool of the spirit his melting Hutter village. Many people are proud of their intelligence and keep them for the highest, what is a human. They adorn themselves with your to studied knowledge, their chosen idiom and their ability to the rational and logical thinking. Intelligent people are mostly head people, depending on to make any decisions by their minds and suppress their sense for the benefit of the mind and listen when making decisions on her head instead of on her belly. But intelligence is really just a blessing? Not just intelligent people are often unhappy and entangle themselves in life in spirals of thoughts and musings? While a simple person makes decisions from the gut and listen without great thinking on his gut feeling, he does the right thing so intuitive and makes the right decisions. A head man, however, thinking back and forth and provides a rational argument against the other without coming to a solution.

Finally with an inner conflict, he chooses a path he later often looked back and questioned. Is it not amazing how just simple people so sure seem to go through their life and just do things right for them as distinct people seem internally often disoriented by the mind and make so many things in question? This is simply because people having yet our gut brain in addition to our head brain, which is responsible for mind and thinking. This abdominal brain is often underestimate and often overlooked. But it is unbelievably important, because here our subconscious, our inner spirit, shares with us. This inner spirit is an inexhaustible source of true knowledge and deep wisdom. Our spirit knows our way of life, and what really matters in life. By a bad gut feeling, he warns us against situations that are not good for us, just as he also things leads to us, which are good for us. Of these things, we feel then magically attracted to.

But unfortunately, too few people on their inner voice heard. The silent voice of our spirit is telling us in sensation, is usually drowned out by the coarser minds thinking. Thinking so overpowering happened to many people, that they are no longer able to perceive the quiet voice of her inside. The education together with the company trimmed performance, intelligence and rationality is the reason that at a young age our gut feelings in favor of mind thinking is brought up from us. “Jesus said you like children”. Because children live from their feeling out and guided from inside. Don’t think they live intensely in the here and now, because they are connected to their inner source just yet. Also we adults should go back again, to live without thoughts again the next day appointments or decisions last week to be in the here and now. Of course we should waive not quite our mind and our thinking and right Intelligence can be a very valuable feature: when we make the mind a tool of our inner spirit. Because that is the real task of our minds. The mind is like a compass, but the spirit of the Ferryman, who knows the way and using the compass of mind secure that pitfalls of life around and reach the home port.