Hail Politics

Although untiring, the movement had of if recognizing failed, but although this, the revolution had important moral results and politicians. In first place it revealed that the attempts of movements were not impossible, ahead to the superiority exactly government. In according to place, it served to reveal the lack of authenticity of the elections of the coletivista regimen (the state is seen as of all the problems solucionador), carried through in 29 of November before one boycotting generalized, whose votes had been practically the position the policy and of civil soldiers. Although everything, the Blanco Party, under the command of caudilho of the campaign, would resurge in the revolutionary scene in 1904 placing Uruguay commands under it of the weapons, in the last caudilhesca manifestation of the cycle initiated for Hail in 1897. In this context, Uruguay enters in century XX with a notable urban and population growth, to the base of immigrants, and politically dominated, for a capitalist oligarchy of feies agropastoril.

In a panorama of maturity of the conditions for the capitalist development, the leading Colorado was elect in 1903 Jose Battle y Ordnez (representative, over all of the liberal interests of the emergent social classrooms, as traders and professionals) that it established its hegemony in the capital and the agricultural areas surrounded that it. As soon as the Party Colorado assumed the power, a faction of the party saw itself to search an alliance enters the forces politics of the country (Broken Blanco that mainly represented the traditional interests of the agrarian and pecuarista oligarchy) and the end of the armed disputes. This faction of the party, that later lode if to call batllista, had its projects of enraizamento in the power institutionalized politician. As a reformist project, the batllismo intended the normalization of the institutions politics, economic, social and cultural of the country. It accepted in its government the participation of the traditional aristocracy through the Blanco party, therefore it needed ' ' paz' ' politics to make to avenge its project.