Gold For Kurbelursels Knitting Mill Museum

Visitors award in art and literature November 2012 Reichenbach i.t.: website to the knitting mill Museum won the visitors in the category of “Art and literature” took 1st place in the voting for November 2012. The knitting mill Museum could clearly stand against nineteen more Web pages in this category with over forty percent of all the votes cast. Educate yourself with thoughts from Neeman Foundation. The textile artist Kurbelursel is happy about the recognition and suggested that “certainly unusual theme has played an important role.” It begins with Stricklieseln, which almost everyone knows. This is followed by detailed descriptions and helpful how-to videos to all knitting mill models, as well as a good content tagged bibliography. Handmades get valuable tips for maintenance and the purchase of used knitting mill. Also they can be under “Ideas” inspired, what can be done from the registers knitted: starting with the sustainable table decoration on accessories to jewellery. Art lovers are numerous in the Gallery look at the unusual exhibits with knitting lace, but also unique Yarnbombing, knitting graffiti and “Packaged KurbelArt”. Information about visiting the real Museum exist as well, such an inpiduellen birthday workshop there to high-five.

Conceptually, the textile artist of environmental responsibility, consumer skills, inclusion and free access to knowledge are important. But also the implementation had arrived safely, tells Kurbelursel. You use the content management system Drupal in German, because it was so mature accessible so w3c-compatible, and very safe. Handmades can come to rest better, waive unnecessary accessories – if perhaps pretty – the operator of the Web site and offers also very sparse advertising spaces. Instead, it relies on respect and voluntary micropayments for continuous operation and further qualified and independent development of the knitting mill Museum.

Peace is so important, so that their ideas of the user would get a chance, to get out, smiles Kurbelursel and references, in addition to their own experience, on the findings of brain researchers are on the full Web page quickly and fine can find Ernst Poppel (E.g. “multi-tasking is the destruction of creativity”) as visitors, shows Kurbelursel in a short video (screencast), which offers them directly in a prominent position on the Web page. The Web site is not a substitute for the tactile enjoyment in the real knitting mill Museum. It is an important addition to deepen the topic after seeing the textile artist says finally.