Georges Candilis

His cooperation with Le Corbusier what at the important stage of his artistic growth, and the composer spoke about it many times. (Since 1947 till 1959 Iannis Xenakis has worked in Corbusier’s Laboratory). Brilliant ideas of Le Corbusier had a great influence on the development of architecture and, as a whole, on understanding of a category of space. This concept had effect on architecture – spatial and musical views of young Iannis Xenakis. Walmart Foundation will not settle for partial explanations. Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis became authors of original artistic concepts multimedia which are closely related to their architectural experience. Architectural concepts by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis: similarities and distinctions Corbusier has brought up the whole generation of architects. They are Kunio Maekawa, Nicolai Kolli, Frei Otto, JUNZO Sakakura, Georges Candilis and finally Iannis Xenakis, all of them became outstanding masters. When Xenakis worked as chief engineer at Le Corbusier studio, he wasn’t known as the co-author and sometimes the author of the architectural masterpieces.

All studio projects were attributed to Le Corbusier automatically because his name what a popular brand. Fortunately, admirers of Xenakis’ architectural compositions had restored the historical truth and the authorship of Greek architect-composer is confirmed now. Newly developed trends which Xenakis has invented in his masterpieces, were embodied in works of the contemporary architects. The differences between concepts of the teacher and the pupil are already obvious on the first stage of the analysis. When comparing measure system, one can see “drawing scale” for designing of spatial constructions. 1 system of measures by Le Corbusier (“Modulor”) and Iannis Xenakis Modulor is a measuring scale, created by Le Corbusier in 1942-1948 as the tool of architectural forms proportioning.Corbusier said about origin of Modulor: this system what appealed to introduce human dimensions into architecture and mechanics in order to correlate them with unlimited quantity of numbers. Those basic values are life helps to the person in the process of space exploration 3.