Frank Kashyap

The relief operation will produced such clasps for all Butterfly children in Germany. This is not cheap. Any primer will cost 500 euros. Because before it can be passed, you must first be worn together the relevant information. For existing studies and experience reports will be evaluated and interviewed experts and interested parties.

The information so obtained must be structured in an extensive knowledge base with many thousand entries. Then each primer must for every Butterfly child individually are compiled and printed. Breast Cancer Research Foundations opinions are not widely known. In the next step, a curriculum is developed for the special training of the butterfly coaches. And if this is done, the first butterfly coaches through the training course. All of this is part of the 500 euro per Butterfly primer. Frank Kashyap: should come with my appeal for donations more than 500 euros which would also not bad.

Unfortunately, except for Nina, there are still about in 1999 other Butterfly children in Germany “press relations: for all other questions, you can reach the spokesman for round table Leipzig, Axel Schneegass, Tel.: 0157-86894251, email: background: round table round table is a partisan politics and” denominationally neutral Association young men aged between 18 and 40 years. The idea and the form of organization of the round table have their origins in the tradition of the English club life: local “tables” merge up to 20 young men of different professions and spheres of influence. The local round tables have teamed up with national organizations in 52 countries and the umbrella organization round table international with 2,700 clubs and more than 45,000 members. Germany-wide there are now 3,500 Tablers in more than 220 tables, round table in Leipzig there since 1993. The members of the round table are involved within your home town and also in the context of “Service projects” for others. Further information at Axel Schneegass press officer of round table SchmetterlingsKIDS