Tarot, friend in the most difficult moments tarot is, before anything else, a tool for self-knowledge. And self-knowledge is, without a doubt, the best way that human beings have to reach their goals and realize their dreams. Anyone who does not know himself deeply may think that you know the world, or your neighbor even. And anyone who does not know himself will confront and not dominate his inner demons, or capitalize on to maximize their skills and talents. The importance of self-knowledge is such that you can never stress enough. And, in view of this, it is clear that no one can deny the invaluable help provided by tarot, friend and Advisor on that difficult path. By painful be, tarot, as faithful friend, always tell us the truth.

And repeat it all the times that we have to confront it in order to accept it. Because that is the only way to grow. And dragging situations or anxieties unresolved, nobody gets to be truly happy. But this amigono only confront us with what not We want to see: perhaps his most valuable education reveal that, by hard and uneven as it seems the fight adversity, always we will find within us the strength to fight it. And come out triumphant.

Tarot teaches us, through self-knowledge, how to awaken our inner power. The way, we said, can be painful, but worth to traverse it. It may be the hardest thing of all is to accept that, although easier cargarcon is the blame to others, are we, in the majority of cases, the artisans of our own misfortune. And that in us lies, hidden, ability to change this state of affairs. The help of the tarot can be especially useful for those people they fought battles that require of them a huge share of Fortress: duels of diverse nature, illnesses and addictions. There are people who are wary of the tarot fearing that it can be used as an evil instrument. But the tarot, though he convenes the powerful forces of magic, could never be used for evil: something that goes against your own essence. There are no cases of mallets manipulated destructive purposes. And Yes, on the other hand, countless thankful testimonies of those who have been able to rely on the help of tarot, friend and Advisor of which most need it.